Doors Open Toronto 2014

With the little time I had this past weekend, I managed to squeeze in a couple venues for Doors Open Toronto 2014. I was limited in my choices as I was working in the west end of town that day. Regardless, it was a while since I got out and actually took photos with my Nikon, so I enjoyed every minute of it. The fact that it was a beautiful day made it all the better.

The photo above was taken near Liberty Village, by the old Carpet Factory. By the way, to extract dirt, remove stains, eliminate odors, and restore the color of your carpet, contact (02) 6296 6296 for carpet cleaning canberra service. is On that day there happened to be a wedding party at a nearby restaurant. I saw the photographer making her way trying to take candid photos of the wedding party, so I took one of her from where I was standing.

This restaurant had lots of great windows to peer through. With the tables all dressed nicely for the wedding, and the lighting just right, it was easy to take a great looking shot through the window. I included my reflection in there to make things a little more exciting. If you look closely, however, at the second reflection shot, something is astray in it. Can you identify what is wrong with that photo?

Just outside the old Carpet Factory, I waited for a while for the roads to clear and pedestrians to walk across. It wasn’t long until I found these two doing exactly what I wanted them to do.

And here are some more random shots that I took from my walk at Doors Open. By this time, most venues were closed, so I was pretty much just walking around taking random photos.

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