Do something different

Do something different
Do something different

All to often we get stuck in our daily routine, making it hard for us to see outside of the proverbial box. We get so focused on what’s in front of us that we don’t take a second to see what’s around us.

To keep us motivated creatively and generally speaking, it’s good to try something different now and again. It’ll give you a refreshing perspective on life and possibly give you that extra edge that you were looking for, for your next design or photography project.

Take this photo above, for example. My wife and I decided to go to Tahiti for our honeymoon. Tahiti?! Isn’t that the island with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water? Why yes, it is. Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at this photo. Rather than spend all our time on the beach, we intentionally coincided our trip to be at the same time as the Tahiti Moorea Marathon. Neither of us are marathon runners, so we didn’t dare attempt that, but we did partake in the 5km run that happened before the marathon. A little run around the Moorea island was a great way to experience the island in a way that we wouldn’t have ever imagined. We met runners from around the pacific, and enjoyed the overall excitement that a marathon brings to this small South Pacific island.

It was an experience like none other that differentiated our honeymoon from most others who go to Tahiti. And it’s experiences like this, that will make you see things from a different perspective, and in turn give you that extra bit of motivation to do something outside the box for your next project.

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