Diner en Blanc Toronto 2012

The inaugural Diner en Blanc Toronto saw nearly 1400 guests dressed in white, make their presence on the grounds of The Historic Fort York. Guests brought their own food (or, alternatively catered by Gourmet Cuisine), plates and utensils, white table and chairs, all the while cleaning up after themselves at the end of the evening. It was truly a unique experience to see for yourself, and one that had not been yet seen before here in the city.

It was unfortunate that the evening started wet, but by the time the sparklers came out, the rain had subsided and people were enjoying the evening to its fullest.

As a photographer, it was a great photo taking opportunity. In fact, the overcast clouds and rain were welcome as it made for some dramatic scenery.

A group of my friends participated as guests for the event, and they were kind enough to donate some food for me as I was busy with my camera and tripod throughout the entire evening. Thank you kindly for the tasty dinner!

Some of these photos are seen on Toronto Life’s website.

View photos from Renée’s experienceJennifer’s experience, and Zeekid’s experience.

More information on the event is located here.

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