Details for this Sunday’s sunrise shoot

Nikon D800, 2.0 sec., f/16, ISO 100, 200mm
Nikon D800, 2.0 sec., f/16, ISO 100, 200mm

A few days ago I posted on my blog and on my instagram feed that I’ll be doing a sunrise meet in the West end. I’m happy to see that there are some people who are interested in waking up very early for this! For those of you who are interested, here are the details.

What: Sunrise shoot – Sun will rise near the CN Tower

Where: Humber Bay Park East – Meet at the parking lot closest to the roundabout.

When: Sunday April 19, 2015

Time: Meet at the park no later than 6am.

We will be walking to the spot at 6am sharp since the sun will rise above the horizon at 6:29am, and we need to walk and set up well before this happens.

Meeting spot for this Sunday's sunrise shoot
Meeting spot for this Sunday’s sunrise shoot

The spot we will be shooting on is not flat. We will be perched on top of large rocks so be careful when finding a steady spot in the dark. If you have a flashlight or headlamp, that may come in handy.

The meet will end after the sun has risen high enough—I anticipate this to be around 7-7:30am. Afterwards, we can take a walk around the park for other photo opportunities too if you wish. We can also grab a coffee somewhere afterwards too, if people are into it.


If you need tips for shooting sunrises, feel free to read through my guide to shooting sunrises and sunets, and my guide to where to place the horizon in photos.

Also, just as a reminder, you can comment on my blog here for my draw for free coffee beans from Pilot Coffee Roasters! It’s a perfect way to complement an early morning photoshoot.

See you there!

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