Congratulations to those who wed today

Wedding Season is Upon Us

Nikon D200, 1/4000 sec., f/1.8, ISO200, 50mm
Nikon D200, 1/4000 sec., f/1.8, ISO200, 50mm

Wedding season is quickly approaching the city, and couples and photographers are gearing up for their special day. For professional wedding photographers, it’s not uncommon for them to have one or multiple weddings per weekend making this season their busiest of the year. While I do not shoot weddings for a living, I commend those who do, and to those that make it look so effortless.

Wedding photography requires lots of patients, know-how, and keen eye for detail, not to forget stellar editing skills for that magical touch.

The photo above was taken at my brother’s destination wedding in Thailand. I took this shortly before getting a stomach virus that put me down for multiple days afterwards. But let’s just keep that for another day.

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