Cherry Blossoms at High Park

Cherry blossom trees at High Park. (iPhone 6 Plus)
Cherry blossom trees at High Park. (iPhone 6 Plus)

It was an unexpected but pleasant visit today, as I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to visit the cherry blossoms at High Park today after work. I didn’t have my Nikon with me, so these photos are compliments of my iPhone 6 Plus, edited in Snapseed, and VSCOcam.

It had rained somewhat during the day, making it for a partly cloudy afternoon. I wasn’t sure what to expect and went with low expectations. The best part of going without expecting much is the fact that you’ll be pleasantly surprised no matter what you see.

The crowds were slim to none, which was excellent. People probably thought the same thing about the early afternoon rain and decided to opt out on this evening. Little did they know, the clouds moved away in time for the sun to peak out as it started sinking to the horizon.

To give some people around the world, a glimpse of cherry blossoms, I broadcasted my visit to the world, letting people as far away as Scotland and Columbia see the beauty of these cherry blossoms. Naturally, I gave some tips on how to best shoot these cherry blossom as well. You can read about those tips below.

Closeup of cherry blossoms (iPhone 6 Plus)
Closeup of cherry blossoms (iPhone 6 Plus)

To view the Periscope broadcast, which is only available until about 7pm EST tomorrow, click here! To all others, you’ll just have to admire the beauty of these trees with the iPhone photos I took during my visit.

Quick Tips On Taking Photos of Sakuras

Cherry blossoms only peak for a very short period of time. It is important to be able to catch these blossoms at their peak before the green leaves start to show up, overpowering the subtle beauty of the white and pink flowers.

Try and get up close and personal to get the details of the petals and flowers of the cherry blossoms. These details are attractive to the eye.

Conversely, you can also take an overview shot of the trees and surroundings to show how large the trees and blooming blossoms are. They make for more dramatic scenery, especially when the sakuras are at their full bloom.

These flowers are very fragile, so if precipitation is expected in the forecast, be sure to visit the cherry blossoms before rainfall.

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    1. Not really, Helen. It’s typical around this time of Month. They were quite nice this year too, unlike last year which was a complete bust! Where you able to see any wherever you were?

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