Canmore, Alberta

One of the very few photos that I took while I stayed in Canmore, Alberta was from here. Beside a bridge, I came here specifically so that I could take a photo of the rushing waters with the mountains in the background.

Nikon D800, 15 sec., f/18, ISO 100, 70mm
Nikon D800, 15 sec., f/18, ISO 100, 70mm

During my stay in Alberta, it was really unfortunate that I didn’t get a single day of sunset where the sky was just bursting with colours. The magnificent sunset and sunrise that the Canadian Rockies are known for had eluded me throughout my 10-day trip there.

I later found out that there were indeed many prime locations to shoot in and around Canmore, and I regret not being able to visit any of them during my trip. It just looks like I’ll have to go back another time.

Nonetheless, this extra long exposure during nightfall was made with a 6-stop ND filter and a polarizer to stop me down another stop. The ominous clouds were a great capture here as it made the mood for the photo. I tried to accentuate the winding of the river from the background to the foreground through the long exposure trails the water made.

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