Nikon D800, 70mm, 1/1600 sec., f/5.0, ISO 250
Nikon D800, 70mm, 1/1600 sec., f/5.0, ISO 250

Why did I take this photo?

This bench is what attracted me in the first place. It was all by its lonesome amongst the dirty ground that it stuck out and caught my attention. I could have easily just taken a photo of this bench and called it a day but somehow I wanted to make it more interesting.

I walked around for a bit to see if I could find a better point of view until I found this view. I ducked down a little to get the shot that I envisioned. This was perfect as it set the Toronto skyline in the backdrop right above the bench. This gave the photo a reference as to where I was at the time I took this. I also liked this position as the trees on either side of the bench made for a nice “frame” for the photo, opening up right in the middle where the CN Tower is.

I also made this a portrait orientation so I didn’t crop too much of the tall trees. I felt this gave the bench some contrast in terms of height, allowing us to see how little this bench really is.

It’s cold outside in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore the city. Get out and go shooting!

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