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Nikon D800, 1/250 sec., f/9.0, ISO 100, 200mm
Nikon D800, 1/250 sec., f/9.0, ISO 100, 200mm

What is it about heights that attracts us all? Is it the feeling of flight? The feeling of freedom? Or is it simply because it’s a rare vantage point from our ordinary lives? Seeing the little people on the ground and the little toy cars may make us feel like we are literally on top of the world.

Regardless of our thoughts it’s true that it can make for some great photography. And as someone who loves landscapes, it’s particularly exciting to see beautiful landscapes from atop everything else as well.

This photo was taken from 55 storeys high in the heart of Mississauga, overlooking its busiest street facing North. You can almost feel the wind in your hair as you eye the road from the bottom to near the top of the picture. The balcony you see on the right is of the condominium next door, which you could imagine would offer spectacular views from this height.

Now, if only I can get back up here again. If only!

Do you like high vantage points? Do you prefer cityscapes or landscapes?

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