A closer look at the LG G5

LG’s newest flagship smartphone is the G5, with its modular accessories—otherwise known as friends—that replace one another by removing the bottom portion of the phone. It’s been a few weeks now since I received the LG G5 so I thought this would be a good time for some comparisons of the smartphone with my iPhone.

Product Review: The North Face Recon Backpacks

Whether it’s a daypack for hiking, a knapsack for school, or just a pack to carry your goods around town, you can’t go wrong with a backpack from The North Face. Even though these aren’t geared towards photographers, they still proved to be handy to carry my photo accessories for the day. Here’s my review on the Recon backpacks for men and women.

Product Review: Livestream Gear

With Periscope having the honour of being the 2015 App of the Year (in the United States), and being the runner-up in Canada, the live-streaming world will only get bigger and bigger. With it comes an increasing number of accessories available to help you with your live-streaming adventures. This post will review the Gooseneck Chestmount and Exstream Sportsmount that I recently had the pleasure of testing out.