10 Years of Toronto Sunrises

2024 marks 10 years for Taku’s passion project of photographing the sunrise in Toronto, The Toronto Sunrise Series. When he photographed a sunrise in early 2014, he realized the ever changing beauty of Mother Nature could always be seen just a short drive away. He was instantly hooked.

Taku has one of the most extensive collection of sunrise photography ever taken in Toronto.

His sunrise photographs have touched many people living all around the world.

10 Years Later

Taku has created an entire community of sunrise photographers, inspiring and even creating like-minded individuals.

Taku hosts his annual Toronto Sunrise Meetup twice a year:

  1. June: Summer Solstice Edition, marking the earliest time the sun rises in Toronto
  2. November: Last day of Daylight Savings Time means it is one of the latest sunrises of the year

Taku’s meetup attracts about 60-70 people per meetup—even attracting about 40 people in the pouring rain! Taku’s dedicated followers are passionate about photography and excited to participate in anything Taku plans.

Canada’s largest photography chain, Henry’s, did a short video on Taku at one of his earlier meetups:

Let’s make Taku’s 10 year anniversary meetups special by thanking his loyal followers with prizes!

Taku is inviting all brands and organizations that he has worked with in the past to consider donating a prize to be handed out at either one or both of the meetups.

This is your chance to have your brand name out in front of a dedicated and passionate group of photographers that would surely appreciate anything you are able to provide.

All prizes will be promoted on Taku’s Instagram account and website for maximum exposure to the brand.

If you would like to donate a prize, or discuss your options on which prize you would like to donate, and to which meetup, please contact Taku through the form below.

Please indicate which Toronto Sunrise Meetup you would like to contribute a prize toward:(required)

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