Snow from all directions

iPhone 5s photo edited in Mextures and VSCOcam.

iPhone 5s photo edited in Mextures and VSCOcam.

Some say photographers are crazy for going all out in taking their shots. But truthfully, if you don’t go to places where others don’t normally go to, you wouldn’t be able to get that extra special shot that you’re always after.

Winter typically gets in the way of people being able to enjoy the outdoors. However, that shouldn’t change us photographers in going out there during the worst snow storms possible to get photos of snow coming down horizontally!

I have no idea what this winter will bring us, but I am quite curious as to what I will capture. Perhaps people will think I’m crazy for going out, especially when I don’t even have a proper winter jacket yet. Which makes me think I should at least window shop a little on sites like , being prepared for the elements will make me a better photographer. That always makes a difference, doesn’t it?!

Winter Wonderland Highlights


View Winter Wonderland Highlights Here!

It’s almost Easter and you’re probably wondering where the sun is hiding (in addition to all the eggs). With a forecast to snow today and with a high of only 3 celsius, Toronto is well below seasonal temperatures.

To soothe your soul, I’ve compiled some of my favourite images from my Winter Wonderland series, where I took to the frigid outdoors with much colder temps than today. From freezing my toes (literally) to freezing my iPhone, it was all part of the experience and dedication that photographers undergo to get those picture perfect shots.

You can see them in my new gallery by clicking on the above link. Enjoy the gallery and perhaps looking at the pictures may warm you up knowing there were much colder days in Toronto this past winter.

All Photos in my gallery were taken from the following blog entries:

Colonel Sam Smith Park II

It’s nearing the end of March and it looks like winter is still here to stay—at least here in Toronto. So, allow me to post yet another one of my Winter Wonderland series where I trek outdoors in “ungodly” hours to take sunrise pictures.

This was actually taken back in February, when there was a lot more snow on the ground, and the sunrise was still quite early, around 6:30am. I’ve visited Colonel Sam Smith Park before (in fact, this is the park that started this entire series), however, seeing as it’s nearby my house and is actually not a bad park overall, I decided to revisit this old gem.

Above: The golden colours from the sun coupled with the clear and crisp blue morning sky, captured in a long exposure with the use of my neutral density filter makes this one of my favourites of the morning.

Above: One of the last photos I took in the morning gave way to the mist coming from the water as it started to heat up from the morning sun. A relatively short long exposure, you can see the water starting to become silky smooth.

Above: Right as the sun came above the horizon, I took a long exposure allowing the sunlight to burst out from the center of the frame. The water is smooth while I included the details of the ice and snow in the foreground as a contrasting element.

Above: You never know what you will find when you go out shooting, so always be sure to look around you for any other photo opportunities. I looked behind me and found the moon still in the morning sky. I like this photo of the moon with the pastel pink and blue hues. Had I thought even further, I would have taken a panorama with the sunset on one end and the moon on the other end of the frame. I’ll have to leave that for another time.

It’s only fitting that I end off the Winter Wonderland series with the park that started it all. However, we’ll see if I’m up to any more early morning shoots within the next couple of weeks. Only time will tell.

Until then, enjoy the cool, crisp, morning sunlight while you still can!

Humber Bay Park East II

My previous post included photos from my sunrise shoot from the first location we were at. On our way back to the car, we noticed an area that we had yet to explore. Sure enough, this was another picturesque area that we had to take advantage of, especially in the morning light.

This beach and icy coastline was our first view as we came here, and it was quite striking at first site. The ice stretched on for quite the distance.

As we walked along the beach area, we came across this ice formation on top of a tree trunk that had somehow toppled inside the water.

And as I looked further into the distance, I saw that there was another photographer. He was literally just a black blob moving around since he was quite far away. I love how the steam is coming off from the water.

Wherever I go, the ducks will follow. This time they looked like they were enjoying the morning sun. The orange hue from the sunrise was the perfect backdrop.

And finally, I leave this post with this view looking West from the beach. You can see that the beach extends for quite the distance. The fallen tree in the foreground covered with snow and ice made for an interesting element in this photo as well.

Humber Bay Park East

I’ve decided to split this post into two separate posts since the photos are from two different areas of the park. I suppose I could have included them all in one post, but I’m being like those directors who like to split films into two or three or six different films…just because they can.

You’ll notice that these set of photos are much darker than my previous ones. That’s because these were shot during the early winter morning as the sun came above the horizon. I also had my 106ND (six stop reduction of light) filter on, which allowed me to take some longer exposures without blowing the highlights.

I was afraid that the shoot wouldn’t turn out because of all the clouds, but as luck would have it, the clouds cleared away at some point, letting the sun peak out for some time. This made for some very nice pastel hues that were just beautiful to see in person.

Here’s my little setup for when I take timelapse photos with my iPhone 5s. I prop my phone on my mini-tripod, open up the Lapse It Pro app, and let it do its magic as I shoot in other locations with my dSLR. It works well I have to say. The resulting time lapse is shown below in full 720p. I posted this earlier on my Instagram account, but had to shrink it to fit its size, which made for a tight squeeze. I think this turned out quite well for a timelapse from a phone.

Join me in my next post, where I’ll upload the remainder of my sunrise shoot at Humber Bay Park East.