Winter Wonderland

The 2013 winter season proved to be relentlessly cold for Toronto with record breaking temperatures, snow storms, and even an ice storm. However, the crisp morning air and beautiful sunrises kept me coming back to the many parks along the lakefront. Here is a highlight of my 2013 Winter Wonderland. Additional photos are available on my blog posts: Colonel Sam Smith Park I and II, Humber Bay Park East I and II, Lakefront Promenade Park, Lakeview Park, iPhoneography Winter Wonderland. All photos © 2014 Taku Kumabe

Winter Wonderland!
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Early Mornings

Waking up at 5am or 6am to drive down to a park on Lakeshore Rd. to capture the early morning sunrise takes some dedication to photography. That, or just I'm just plain crazy.

Partner in Crime

Whether it may be coffee, your spouse, or another shooting partner, they all make your early mornings much more interesting. They keep you motivated, and give you the peace of mind that you're not the only crazy one around.

Hibernate or Be Awaken

It's easy to stay in your comfort zone. When it's cold, we stay inside. When it's warm, we go outside. Every now and again, it's good to do the opposite from the norm.