The LG 360 Cam

The LG 360 Camera comes at a time when 360 photos and videos are becoming fairly popular within social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all support these new formats and photographers are just finding out the potential for them. So when I was given the LG 360 Cam from LG Canada, I knew I had to take […]

A Quick Look at Instagram Insights

Back in May of 2016 I read that Instagram was testing out analytics features for Instagram business users. At the time I didn’t think anything of it since my account is not recognized as a business. The feature was to give marketers a more accurate view of their followers’ behaviour, so that their brands can […]

Experience Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall Hotel & Spa was a name I was familiar with, but I never knew much more about it than that. This all changed when I was recently invited by Renée Suen to the chef’s tasting menu at this luxury hotel and spa. We were given a private tour and were able to photograph the property to our […]

A closer look at the LG G5

LG’s newest flagship smartphone is the G5, with its modular accessories—otherwise known as friends—that replace one another by removing the bottom portion of the phone. It’s been a few weeks now since I received the LG G5 so I thought this would be a good time for some comparisons of the smartphone with my iPhone.



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 Which takes precedence: the CN Tower or the sun? I had to think of this one for a bit but ultimately ended with this composition because I felt the brighter sun would attract the eye first, drawing our gaze to the center. The sun is also surrounded by buildings, which acts as a framing element to the subject in this composition. Do you agree? . . See more of my sunrise shots with #TorontoSunriseSeriesByTaku . . . #beforethesunrise #aftersunrise #chasingsunrise #downtowntoronto #greatertorontoarea #hypetoronto #igerstoronto #lovetoronto #morningsunrise #igsunrise #nativetoronto #narcitytoronto #nowtoronto #rsanaturesunrise #seethesunrise #rsasunrise #sunriseagain #sunrisemadness #sunriselover #tillsunrise #sunriseporn #sunrisesunsetsaroundworld #sunrisetrekking #thelast6  It's not often that you get actual waves on Lake Ontario around Toronto. When you do though, it can make for some interesting photo opportunities. Did you notice how I used the horizon to link a line of the wave to the line in the clouds?
 Having to go out of the city for work means I get to also explore its surroundings. I came across lots of farmland like this on my drive through the area, which happens to be just by a highway as seen in the distance above.  Look closely and you'll see a line of birds flying right above the surface of Lake Ontario. I almost missed this myself until I saw something move in the distance. There must have been thousands of these birds flying away that morning. Where were they going?