A Moment with the Nikon Z7

Nikon’s latest series of digital cameras—the Z series—is history in the making. Building a camera from scratch is no easy feat that requires countless hours of research, development, and testing. So when Nikon finally announced their Z 7 and Z 6 full frame mirrorless cameras to the world on August 23, 2018, the photography industry […]

Unzipped Toronto

The Unzipped exhibit in Toronto is a unique opportunity to browse through projects from the architecture company Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and those in collaboration with real estate development firm Westbank Corporation. It’s housed in the 2016 Serpentine Pavilion, which attempts to contrast the free-flowing element of a zipper to that of something of the […]

I see spots!

You see them everywhere: on the window, on your desk, and maybe even on your favourite coffee mug. You may never think twice about them but when it comes to photography, you’d better care a lot more about these spots.   Spots, or sensor dust, or whatever you want to call it, are notorious little […]


My previous post took you through the wonders of Peggy’s Cove in the early morning light. This post will take you through another must-see area of the Southern coastal area of Nova Scotia: Lunenburg. A drive around the southern coastal region of Nova Scotia wouldn’t be complete without going to Lunenburg—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—so […]

Sunset Photography Flight

Photographing in low light scenarios like a sunrise or sunset may be difficult enough, so what happens when you try and photograph from an airplane during a sunset flight over Toronto? I found this out in my last flight over the downtown core with FlyGTA. I’ve received a number of questions on what my settings […]

Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018

Every now and again I come across art exhibitions that really make an impression on me—Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror earlier this year being one of them. When I visited the nation’s capital on Canada Day, I took a trip across the Alexandra bridge to Gatineau, Quebec where the Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018 exhibit was being held. I […]

Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove, located just 40km south of Halifax is home to one of the world’s most iconic lighthouses. This community, nestled along the shores of St. Margarets Bay, has much more to offer though, including some of the freshest lobster you’ll eat and a myriad of great vistas in the village. As a photographer, I […]

Toronto to Muskoka in Less than 35min. with FlyGTA Airlines

With summer literally just around the corner, there’s no shortages of cottage-goers making their way up north of the city; every long weekend Highway 400 gets jam packed with those wishing to escape the city for just a couple of days. With drives lasting hours though, one can hardly call this a vacation. With the […]

How I Photographed the Double Diamond Fuji

How I Photographed the Double Diamond Fuji As a spiritual symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji is one of only three sacred mountains of the country, and its tallest at 3,776 meters. Its designation as a UNESCO world heritage site further exemplifies its importance to not only the people of Japan, but to the world as [...]

A Photographic Guide to Prince of Wales Park

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Photographic Guide to Colonel Sam Smith Park and Photographic Guide to Humber Bay Park so far. This guide will take you through what I like to think is a hidden gem in the west end. Prince of Wales Park is a much smaller green space compared to the aforementioned parks, […]

A Photographic Guide to Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors Art Gallery of Ontario March 3 – May 27, 2018 Scattered across all of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms are no doubt a feast to our senses. While most may know her for these other-worldly rooms, I had always known her to be the artist […]

A Photographic Guide to Humber Bay Park and Area

While the first park in this photographic guide series was further west in the city (A Photographic Guide to Colonel Sam Smith Park), this next guide is of one of the larger parks along lakeshore, Humber Bay Park, and is likely more accessible for those living in the downtown area. Created with over 5 million […]

A Photographic Guide to Colonel Sam Smith Park

This series of blog posts will cover some of the parks that I frequent for my Toronto Sunrise Series. Providing you with all the locations that I enjoy taking photos in within the park, I hope to showcase the space from a photographer’s point of view. These parks are fantastic green spaces in the city […]

A Look at the Huawei P10

Advances in smartphone technology has been phenomenal over the last few years. From larger screens to dual lenses on the back, every manufacturer from Samsung to Apple to LG has been pulling out all the stops to attract new customers and gain more market share. So wouldn’t you think it’s crazy for another manufacturer to […]

Alone on the Toronto Islands

With the Toronto Islands officially reopening tomorrow (Monday, July 31), it’s an exciting time for Torontonians who have missed their dose of beautiful views, picnics under the tree, kayaking throughout the islands, and biking around its many paths. The recent increase in water levels here in Toronto started from a constant rainfall that plummeted the […]

Product Review: Oowa Lenses

Mobile photography has become so popular within the last few years thanks to the advances in the technology mobile devices use. With iPhones spitting out billboard-worthy photos, there seems to be an ever-growing trend to see which mobile device can capture the best image. Using just the device, however, may have its limitations—and that’s where […]

Product Review: Sleeklens Workflow

One of the best things about post-processing may also be the worst thing about it. We have so many choices these days—which is great—but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can easily get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices you have in front of you.

Abstract Vision

What is your definition of abstract photography? Is it simply photographing something that we don’t recognize? Or perhaps does it need to be blurry for it to be considered abstract? Whatever your definition may be, it’s something that I have become interested in from about two years ago. I later found out though, that making an […]

A Duotone Series: The NYC Collection

A Collection of NYC Photos Whether you've been to New York City before or not, there is always somewhere new to visit. This ever-so-popular city is quite photogenic with many neighbourhoods each having their own charm. Although this was my first trip to the city in over seven years, my intent wasn't to photograph its locales, [...]

Blachford Lake Lodge

Blachford Lake Lodge While planning my trip to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, I thought it would be nice to supplement my camping itinerary with a little bit of pampering—after all, we were celebrating our fifth anniversary and wanted to make this trip a little more memorable. After searching online through countless pages of things to do and places […]

The Real Aurora Borealis

This post explains how typical people see the Aurora Borealis. We don’t see the vibrant and bright colours that we always see in photographs, so what exactly do we see out in the field?

A sneak peek at Nordstrom Eaton Centre

A few days ago I spent the evening at a private preview party for the new Nordstrom Eaton Centre, before its grand opening on September 16, 2016. We had a chance to tour the area, take snaps, and enjoy the café on the first floor, and Habitant, the fully license bar on the second floor, serving up some tasty food items. […]

The LG 360 Cam

The LG 360 Camera comes at a time when 360 photos and videos are becoming fairly popular within social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all support these new formats and photographers are just finding out the potential for them. So when I was given the LG 360 Cam from LG Canada, I knew I had to take […]

A Quick Look at Instagram Insights

Back in May of 2016 I read that Instagram was testing out analytics features for Instagram business users. At the time I didn’t think anything of it since my account is not recognized as a business. The feature was to give marketers a more accurate view of their followers’ behaviour, so that their brands can […]

Experience Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall Hotel & Spa was a name I was familiar with, but I never knew much more about it than that. This all changed when I was recently invited by Renée Suen to the chef’s tasting menu at this luxury hotel and spa. We were given a private tour and were able to photograph the property to our […]

A closer look at the LG G5

LG’s newest flagship smartphone is the G5, with its modular accessories—otherwise known as friends—that replace one another by removing the bottom portion of the phone. It’s been a few weeks now since I received the LG G5 so I thought this would be a good time for some comparisons of the smartphone with my iPhone.

Inside Facebook Canada and Instagram Headquarters

When Facebook Canada invited me and a handful of other Instagram users for a #SunriseEmpty look into their new headquarters in downtown Toronto, I took to the chance immediately. Here’s what their new office looks like.

Meet me for a sunrise

It’s never easy waking up for a sunrise shoot, but it’s often quite rewarding. I’ve had some spectacular results in the past, with many of you asking where and how I took those photos. If you’re interested in joining me for a sunrise shoot, now’s your chance! I welcome anybody and everybody on this particular day when the sun will rise near the CN Tower—and it will do so only from this location! It will be a great way to see the morning sun as it peaks behind the Toronto skyline, and crosses behind the CN Tower.

Sunrise, Seagull, and Spring

My sunrise shoot on the first day of Spring quickly turned from a landscape shoot to a wildlife shoot, capturing the power of a seagull as it searched for its breakfast.

Lake Louise at Banff National Park

A trip through Banff National Park wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the beautiful Lake Louise. Here are some tips to get you started on what you can expect at this magnificent lake in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

Island Lake Conservation Area

Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville, Ontario looks like a great place for hiking, ice fishing, and good old winter fun.

The making of Serenity Sunrise

Today, I thought I’d share with you the post-processing that went into making one of my most reposted image on Instagram. While most of my images will go through a number of processes in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop, you may be disappointed to know that only minor adjustments were made to this photo to make it look the way I posted it on Instagram. This post will describe to you how and why I went through processing Serenity Sunrise.

Product Review: The North Face Recon Backpacks

Whether it’s a daypack for hiking, a knapsack for school, or just a pack to carry your goods around town, you can’t go wrong with a backpack from The North Face. Even though these aren’t geared towards photographers, they still proved to be handy to carry my photo accessories for the day. Here’s my review on the Recon backpacks for men and women.

Product Review: Moment Case and Lenses

Moment Lenses and Case Review Lens additions aren’t new to mobile photography. There’s plenty of choices out there from generic third party lenses to more notable ones like Olloclips. But when I came across Moment’s lenses and case Kickstarter campaign in 2015, I couldn’t help but get behind this piece of glass. Moment first released […]

2015 Year in Review – iPhone Photography

While it was difficult to pick my 2015 Year in Review for my Nikon photos, believe it or not it’s even more difficult to do the same for my iPhone Photography. My iPhone is always with me and that’s one reason why it’s easier to take priceless moments when they arise. Furthermore, there’s really no […]

2015 Year in Review – Nikon Photography

As 2015 has come to a close, I’m left with the impression that it’s gone by way too quickly. I’ve no doubt taken a lot of photos this past year, with some new favourites created along the way. And, as part of my Toronto Sunrise Series, this past year more than ever I took it upon […]

Product Review: Livestream Gear

With Periscope having the honour of being the 2015 App of the Year (in the United States), and being the runner-up in Canada, the live-streaming world will only get bigger and bigger. With it comes an increasing number of accessories available to help you with your live-streaming adventures. This post will review the Gooseneck Chestmount and Exstream Sportsmount that I recently had the pleasure of testing out.

10 Landscape Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

With over 300 million users on Instagram, it may be difficult to find those accounts with spectacular and inspiring photos. And if you’re into landscape photography like I am, there’s definitely no shortages of great accounts to follow. To help you find some inspiration in the field, here is my list of 10 landscape Instagram accounts that never fail to inspire me.

Being on Instagram’s Suggested Users List…Twice

Before I delve into the details, let me clarify by writing that this post isn’t about promoting my Instagram account, nor about boasting about what happened to my account. I’m writing this post to be an informative one for those wondering what exactly happens when a user gets on Instagram’s Suggested Users list. The Suggested Users […]

Caledon Fall Colours

A fall season wouldn’t be the same without a visit to Caledon, Ontario, no matter how short a visit it may be. One weekend I had the fortune of driving up there on a whim on my way back from errands. It was an unexpected drive, but the weather was definitely cooperating. I couldn’t really say […]

Mount St. Louis Moonstone in Autumn Colours

For any landscape photographer, the autumn season is a magical time of the year. With the leaves changing colours altering the landscape dramatically, it’s literally a photographer’s playground. This year while I went to a few different places to see the leaves, it was one of the more unexpected places that I saw the most […]

How to Organize a Meetup

This past weekend, I organized a Toronto meetup for Periscope users, and it was a great success. We all had fun and met new people from the city, bringing the Periscope community in Toronto that much closer. This meetup didn’t happen overnight though. There was some planning involved, and so rather than explain everything to […]

Bokeh effects the natural way

When you’re out shooting and you’re concentrating on your subject, it’s easy to forget about your surroundings. This is what happened one morning while I was busy shooting the sunrise. I loved the colours in front of me so much that I was too busy setting my camera and settings up when I didn’t realize […]

Toronto’s Periscope Meetup

Toronto’s Periscope Meetup Is Here! For those of you who are on Periscope and live in the Greater Toronto Area, this is your chance to come out and meet everybody else! I’m excited to announce that Saturday October 10, 2015 will be the Toronto Periscope Meetup day! Read below for your two options in coming to […]

Old Fort Point Summit in Jasper

The hike up to Old Fort Point summit may not be the easiest hike around, but its relative distance to the town of Jasper and the resulting view from the top make this hike a must for anybody visiting Jasper National Park. I don’t recall who it was that suggested I go there, but I’m […]

Toronto Sunrise

Even though I’ve been going out on several Toronto sunrise shoots these past few months, they never bore me. Each one is different and unique in their own way. Even if the skies are clear with no clouds to reflect the sunshine, seeing that first light come up above the horizon is reason enough to […]

The Icefields Parkway and Bow Valley Parkway

Icefields Parkway The Icefields Parkway is one of the most scenic roads in Canada. Also known as Highway 93 north, it stretches 230km from the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) on the south end to Jasper on the North end, running through the town of Banff and Lake Louise along the way. The drive is an […]

Bow Lake and Simpson’s Num-Ti-Jah Lodge

It’s a small lake—and perhaps one that can be easily overlooked if you’re just driving on the Icefields Parkway—but that’s no reason to not make any effort to come here. Situated along the Icefields Parkway on the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies, it surrounds itself with beautiful mountain vistas including the Wapta Icefield, Bow […]

Moraine Lake Lodge in Banff National Park

Moraine Lake Lodge, situated in a valley of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park is a perfect getaway for that special occasion. It is the only lodge located within the immediate vicinity of Moraine Lake, offering great amenities for everyone. In the photo below, you can see Moraine Lake Lodge to the right, nestled […]

Valley of the Five Lakes in Jasper National Park

The Valley of the Five Lakes is located just a few kms away from the town of Jasper. It offers some spectacular views of the bottom of the valley in a relatively easy 4.5km hike for the complete loop. Each lake offers its own character and beauty so hiking in anticipation of seeing the next lake […]

The breathtaking views from the Jasper Skytram

The Jasper Skytram is Canada’s longest and highest aerial tram. Reaching a height of 2277m above sea level, it gives you 360 degree views of the majestic landscapes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is one tramway that should not be missed. Located just 10 minutes from Jasper, Alberta, the Skytram is a seven-minute ride […]

Composition dilemma

When post-processing a photo, deciding on the proper composition is key in creating the feel of an image. You can evoke different feelings for the viewer based on where the horizon is placed within an image, or where the subject is placed within the frame. This photo is pretty interesting as I could have gone a […]

Webster’s Falls

Waterfalls are always fun to photograph especially when the weather cooperates. One fine day I came upon Webster’s Falls out in the Dundas area. The sky was blue with few clouds around. It was an ideal time for some great waterfall photography—except for all the people milling about! Regardless, I came here with my tripod […]

Before and after editing of a sunrise photo

It’s World Photography Day today so I shared with the people on Periscope some of my editing techniques for one of my sunrise pictures that I took earlier this week. This post is a follow up to that broadcast where I changed a regular looking RAW image into one with vibrant colours to match what […]

The Banff Gondola gives epic views

The Banff Gondola The Banff Gondola is located just 5 minutes away from the Town of Banff within the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The 8min. gondola ride takes you up Sulphur Mountain to a breathtaking height of 2281m. above sea level. Once at the top, you’ll encounter epic views of six mountain ranges and […]

Looking at grapes at a winery

I was visiting a winery one fine evening when I noticed the clouds were a fantastic pattern with a beautiful blue hue at the far end. This winery that I was at, Vineland Estates in St. Catherines, had a bunch of their grapes still in their early stages of growth. You could look down the […]

The view at the edge of the Scarborough Bluffs Park

I frequent this place every so often when someone I meet wants to see something unique in Toronto. It’s a little far away from where I am, but I don’t mind going here because I find something new and interesting to shoot here whenever I come. The last time I went, I decided to do […]

Canmore, Alberta

One of the very few photos that I took while I stayed in Canmore, Alberta was from here. Beside a bridge, I came here specifically so that I could take a photo of the rushing waters with the mountains in the background. During my stay in Alberta, it was really unfortunate that I didn’t get […]

Muskoka Lakes

  Lake Muskoka is a great little getaway for those in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s just a short two hour drive from the city and offers a great nature getaway for the nature-lover in you. This is just one of the beaches of Lake Muskoka—it was the first one we saw on our drive […]

Beyond Muskoka Lakes

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to go to Muskoka Lakes, which is just a mere 2 hour drive from Toronto. It’s a great location for hiking and water activities if that’s what interests you. It’s cottage country so it gets busy on weekends, but that’s no reason for you to not go, […]

Coloured messages

If you’re following me on Periscope, you would have seen this earlier today where I visited the Ontario’s Celebration Zone at harbourfront. It’s one of the main zones during the Pan Am Games and still is, even though the Pan Am Games has finished. This great wall of tags is comprised of plastic tags with […]

Chateau Lake Louise from Fairview Mountain

When you go to Lake Louise, one of the first hikes people gravitate to is the one that goes around the lake—the beginnings of the Plain of Six Glaciers hike. It’s a pretty long hike if you go all the way around, but an easy one with no elevation gain. However, if you have the […]

Tubing fun down the river

Not too long ago I had a chance to photograph some people having fun in the water. They were tubing down the river where at one point, it got a little too wild for some riders. It was fun to watch who would make it through that little dip, and who would fall off their […]

Fireworks photography 101

You may think that taking pictures of fireworks is as easy as pressing the shutter button—and sometimes it really is that easy—but if you’re really keen on taking some great shots, there are a couple things to note in terms of settings and equipment. Go early to claim your spot There’s nothing worse in going to […]

The Hearn Generating Station is epic in every way

Not too long I had the opportunity to visit an abandoned building just outside of the downtown Toronto core. Although I had seen many photos from the location before, I had never gone to it—nor did I even know the location of it! Needless to say it was a pleasant surprise when I had the […]

Take a rest while hiking

Hiking up a mountainside is no easy feat. Often times you won’t be able to do it without taking a few short breaks. Just remember that it’s no race to the top, so whenever you need to stop and take a breather, do it! The hike up the mountainside at Old Fort Point in Jasper […]

A little perspective can fool you

Here’s a great photo that always makes me laugh a little every time I see it. The photo was taken at The National Art Centre, Tokyo. It’s an architectural marvel and photographer’s delight to be inside, especially during sunset, like above. During one of my trips to Japan, I came here with a friend of […]

Nikon D800 vs. iPhone 6 Plus Banff Landscape Showdown

We all know that our iPhones are capable of taking great photos and videos. Heck, there’s even a commercial built around this fact. But every so often I like to compare photos that I’ve taken with my iPhone 6 Plus and my Nikon D800. It’s not a very technical comparison by any means, but one that […]

Luminato Festival 2015 Wrapup

It’s just over a month since the Luminato Festival ended in June but the events are still vividly clear in my mind. Looking over these photos, this year’s festival was another big success with such a variety of events for the public to enjoy. The 10 days of the festival went by very quickly, and […]

When nature doesn’t cooperate

When you go out to take photos, the one thing you can’t control is the weather. You can plan ahead and be prepared as much as you can, but you’re still at the mercy of Mother Nature. Climbing up this mountain (Old Fort Point in Jasper National Park) is no easy task, and so you really […]

Look where nobody else is looking

“Now, if you look to your left, you’ll see…” If you looked at this photo, you may automatically think that people turned their heads as soon as they realized I pulled out my full-sized dSLR to take everybody’s photo—but that’s far from the truth. As it turns out, the guide inside the Jasper SkyTram—who is […]

The incredible details of the Rocky Mountains

On a clear day I decided to take a close up shot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. While parked on the side of the road, I took out my 70-200mm lens and pointed it straight at the summit of the mountain in front of me. The sheer detail you’re able to see is incredible. […]

Long Exposures are much easier with your iPhone

Long exposure photography has long been an interest of mine since I’ve been taking photographs. In particular I love taking long exposures at night to enhance the overall scene. However with the ever-so-advanced iPhone cameras coming out year after year, creating long exposures on my Nikon has become more and more tedious and sometimes more […]

Going up.

When we were hiking up this mountain, we looked up ahead only to see the winding path extend further and further for as far as the eye could see. Did we just stand still and think to ourselves how hard a hike this is? Well, we may have for a split second, but soon after […]

A hike into Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park in Beautiful British Columbia

Earlier in June, we took to the mountains in Alberta to do some hiking. This particular hike through the Sunshine meadows promised great scenery with mountainscapes (is that even a word?) and valleys for as far as the eye can see. I was hooked as soon as I read great scenery. So doing a little more […]

Advertisement for runners

When I saw her sitting near the top of the mountain, just resting and gazing far into the distance, I immediately took notice as she was positioned just right in mind. With the angle that I was at—standing just below her—it made for a perfect perspective with the mountains in the background. I thought in my […]

Traffic jam on Lake Louise

I had to take this photo as soon as I saw this since it’s not something we see all the time. I was perched up high in the mountainside on a lookout overlooking Lake Louise in Banff National Park. I had my 70-200mm telephoto lens on so I was able to see the people on […]

Product Review: Camsafe Z25 Backpack by Pacsafe

Every so often I come across a photography related product that really intrigues me. This was exactly the case when I came across a line of photography bags from Pacsafe, a manufacturer by two Australians who were looking for a solution to travelling around the globe while keeping their belongings safe. This particular bag, the Camsafe Z25, […]

Scaling back for more growth

This year I took it upon myself to regain some spark on my blog by posting something new every single day. I have been doing so since January 1, 2015, and I have had great feedback throughout the first six months, increasing my readership. Increasing my blog audience is important for me as I love […]

The Moraine Lake Boathouse at Sunrise

The Moraine Lake boathouse, pictured here, houses the canoe rentals for Moraine Lake. It can get quite busy during the day, but during the early hours of the morning, it’s as still as the trees that surround it. I’m standing on the rocks by the main walkway of Moraine Lake. But rather than taking the […]

The Bow River Parkway is a Must-Stop

If you ever happen to find yourself driving in Banff National Park, be sure to take Highway 1A, or the Bow River Parkway, as that short stretch offers some amazing views of the Rockies. Even before coming here, I made it a point to have to take at least one shot of the Rocky Mountains […]

Peyto Lake in Banff National Park

Peyto Lake (pronounced pea-toe) has always been on my list of places to visit, and I was finally able to make this happen on my latest trip to Alberta. Located in Banff National Park, this glacial-fed lake is majestic in every way imaginable. The colour of the lake changes depending on how the sun is […]

The observation deck on top of Sulphur Mountain

The Banff Gondola is located just 5 min. from the town of Banff, and sits on the side of Sulphur Mountain. The 10-15 min. ride up the mountain gives you some of the best views of Banff National Park you can get. With vistas spanning for as far as the eye can see, the six […]

The Columbia Icefield is quite impressive

When you pass by the Columbia Icefield on Highway 93, at first sight I didn’t think much of it. It was plainly put, a large chunk of ice! We stopped by the main centre (pictured below) and looked around, took some snaps and then went back on to Highway 93 to continue on our journey […]

Annette Lake in Jasper National Park

We arrived in Jasper National Park in the evening, after a long drive from Calgary. The weather was a mix of rain,  cloud, and some sky trying to peek out. We didn’t know where to go for the first sunset in Alberta so we drove around looking for a great vantage point. By googling around […]

Valley of Five Lakes makes a great impression

They say first impressions are the most important, and this couldn’t be more true for lakes as well. Fortunately for me, the first hike that I went on in Jasper National Park was that of the Valley of Five Lakes. I didn’t really know what to expect other than seeing five beautiful lakes so needless […]

Why did I include this car with the mountains?

One of the best things about driving in the mountains is when you are approaching them for the first time. The first sighting of these mountains really brings into perspective how large they are—or how small you are. While I did most of the driving on my trip, there was a time where I decided […]

Mountainside guard

During one of my hikes around Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, I noticed a peculiar thing on top of the mountainside. Sitting high above everything else on the peak of one of the Ten Peaks surrounding Moraine Lake, was…the face of an ape! Can you see it in the photo below? It was unmistakable […]

A walk in the mountains

This walk in the mountains in Banff National Park, just outside of Moraine Lake was through a beautiful trail that was only possible via a group larger than four people because of recent bear activity within the area. At the start of the trail, it was raining fairly hard and we weren’t sure if our […]

4 reasons to travel during non-peak season

Here’s a little secret for when you travel. The next time you’re thinking of travelling somewhere, travel during non-peak season and you’ll likely get the most bang for your buck wherever you are heading. Here’s four reasons why I always like to travel when the roads are clear, the weather is just as nice, and […]

Grizzly bears, mule deers, and moose, oh my!

You can’t go to Jasper or Banff and not see any wildlife. They are out and about everywhere and pop up in the most unexpected places. A simple drive down Icefields parkway can bring up a number of deers, bears, and more. While they may be more active during the early hours of the morning […]

Pyramid Island just wasn’t meant to be

This is Pyramid Island. It stands alone on Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park. I came here to see the beauty of the island and its surroundings but every time I made it up here, the clouds rolled in and it started to rain. I tried my luck twice, once in the afternoon and another […]

I loved driving along these winding roads

While in Alberta there was a certain freedom that I felt driving through the tree-lined winding roads. It was as if the road never ended as turn after turn after turn, there were more trees all along the road. It was a great feeling that I will not forget and one that I hope to […]

Adding a human element to landscapes

While I love to shoot landscapes, sometimes adding a human element to the photo adds to it as well. I’m not the one to take portraits but adding someone to the photo in one way or another—not necessarily looking towards the camera—can add an element of scale, interest, or storytelling to the overall scene. Whether […]

It’s hard being a photographer in the mountains

If you’re a photographer that loves to take sunrise and sunset photos, there’s no better place than to take them with powerful mountains and serene water as a backdrop. That’s what I loved doing during my brief stay in Banff and Jasper, Alberta. The scenery is so majestic and serene you really can’t take a bad photograph […]

Combining food and photography always makes for a good time!

I’m very fortunate to live in a city where food plays an important part in our society. Every year there are no shortages of food-related festivals, especially during the warmer months of the year. This year, I’ve been tasked to take photos for The Stop’s Night Market fundraising event, which promises to be even more delicious than […]

Lesson learned from a trip to the Canadian Rockies

If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from my recent travel to Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, it’s that the weather is seldom predictable. In a span of one hour, the weather had changed from sunshine to overcast, to rain, to snow, and back to sunshine! The mountains really make the weather unpredictable, needless to say, making planning […]

Can I really use these lights for photography?

In photography, light is everything. If we had no light, we would have no photos. So that’s why when I came across these funky looking lightbulbs by NanoLeaf on a Kickstarter campaign, I knew I had to take a closer look at them myself. These may not necessarily be lightbulbs geared for photography, but they […]

iPhone 6 Plus cameras have limitations too

There’s a certain point on an iPhone’s camera where the lack of ambient light will result in a significantly grainy image. The sensor sensitivity can only do so much in terms of retrieving information in low-light situations. It’s interesting, however, to note that if you wait just a few minutes later, the amount of grain […]

Don’t edit all your photos at once!

When you come back from holidays you may be tempted to start editing all of your photos on your computer. While it’s a great way to reflect on your recent adventures, I always take my time in editing photos so I can truly bring out the best parts of each photo. I alluded to this […]

What is your backup solution?

You may have heard this countless of times from other photographers, and you’ll continue to hear it well into the future as well. It’s all for good reason because there’s no sense in investing so much time in your photography and photoshoot only to come back to your office and risk the results of your […]

Thailand hats are great subjects

I was on a boat gliding along the floating market in Thailand when I captured this image. I’ve always liked it for the line of hats along the right hand side. I was able to capture a lot of the hats and their details. But when I look at this now, I feel as if […]

Why did I take this Schwartz’s photo?

Today’s post is a little bit of a stretch in terms of my usual photography. There’s no landscapes here, or pretty nature scenes. Instead, I give you a photo I took with my film camera when I went to Montreal many years ago. There is usually a reason as to why I take each photo—especially […]

First impressions are important

We all know that first impressions are important, but today I wanted to share with you my first impression of Hong Kong, and how it affected my photography in the city. It was 2009 when I made my first visit to Hong Kong. I had never been there before and my exposure to this city was […]

Waterfalls and hiking

It’s no secret that I do like a good hike now and then. And when I come to spectacular waterfalls like Inglis Falls, shown here, I’m always ready with my camera. The tricky part of taking beautiful photos of waterfalls is to be able to capture the silky smooth flow of the water but have […]

Flower season is here

One of the great things about having an iPhone with you at all times is you can take a picture at any moment. As I was perusing the local variety store, I came across a bunch of vibrant flowers. Knowing well my iPhone was capable of taking great macro shots, I stuck my iPhone literally […]

Sometimes it takes a while to get that right angle

Nobody said photography was easy. If it were, almost everybody would be on Instagram uploading every photo they take (imagine that!). Having a good eye certainly helps, but great angles and perspectives don’t always come easy for everybody. That’s why you have to be conscious of new perspectives when you go out shooting, and make […]

Changing lenses changes the moods

I was at a hotel room One day and noticed the low laying clouds hovering just beneath the tip of My. Fuji. I had my 14-24mm wide angle lens on my camera but from afar this didn’t make for a very pleasing photo as the clouds divided the mountain and its surrounding view in half. […]

Get out and go explore your surroundings

When you’re out travelling in a new city or country, I seriously hope you have no days where you are sitting in your hotel room watching TV, letting the day pass by in front of you. Whether you have just one hour or the entire day free, get outside and take a walk to explore […]

Why don’t you use a daypack?

Try travelling light. When you go on holidays you’ll be tempted to pack all of your gear to be able to capture any scenario that comes your way. It’s fine if you have shoulders of steel but let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with Clark Kent’s physique. While I still do pack most of […]

Anything bright to stand out

Even if it’s a drab door or a window or something else that’s not so exciting, a spark of colour can often bring much needed excitement to any picture. Take this door for example. It was a bright yellow door in the middle of a metal facade that really stood out from its surroundings. The […]

Above all else

What is it about heights that attracts us all? Is it the feeling of flight? The feeling of freedom? Or is it simply because it’s a rare vantage point from our ordinary lives? Seeing the little people on the ground and the little toy cars may make us feel like we are literally on top […]

Explore the unknown

Even in your own hometown, it’s exciting to explore areas that you don’t often frequent. It gives you an excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and maybe get in some much needed exercise for the day. I’ve taken many walks and runs along the lakeshore lately but what makes these trips more exciting […]

The very basics of The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Many have asked in the past what app I use to pinpoint the exact location a sun will rise or set during any given day. I’ve mentioned this before in several of my other posts, but today, I will go through the very basics of the app, showing you how I locate my desired area […]

Take a break and enjoy the scenery once in a while

When you’re out and about shooting all the time, it’s important to be able to pull yourself out of the business of it all and actually enjoy what you have in front of you. Not only does this refresh your mind, but it allows you to soak in the environment you’re in, perhaps giving you […]

Almost meeting a King and Queen at the AGO

I took a walk today and almost met a King and Queen. True story. I was walking along Dundas Street slowly making my way towards the Art Gallery of Ontario, showing my Periscope followers the streets of Toronto when I noticed a large group of police vehicles stopped on the road. Someone came out from […]

We are becoming a selfie nation

With more and more people having access to mobile devices and cameras, the thought of holding a stick in front of you and posing is slowly becoming the norm. We see it everywhere now: on the streets, at home, in the office, up on top of mountains, roof tops, in the ocean, and anywhere else […]

Who I like to follow on Periscope

Periscope for Android devices just came out yesterday, so it’s only a matter of time that the app gets inundated with more broadcasters doing interesting (and not-so-interesting) things. This list was a long-time coming, and since I broadcasted it out yesterday, I’ve had some requests to put it online, so here it is! It’s changed […]

Silhouette by the sunset

When you’re faced with taking a photo against the sun, you’re subjects will no doubt be in the shadows. If you can’t do a whole lot with where the sun is in your frame, work with it until you get a pleasing image. I intentionally took this photo so that the foreground would be in the […]

No Tripod? Then make your own!

When you’re out and about photographing, you may not necessarily have all of your equipment with you. If you’re outside and realize you don’t have something to make the picture that you want, improvise and work with what you have in front of you. Take this photo for example. I really wanted to capture the […]

There’s always another vantage point

While I was at Door’s Open yesterday, I came across this scene that I was very happy to see. This building’s ceiling is very heavily photographed because of its intricate detail and beauty. You can see my post from yesterday where I gave a different take on the ceiling because I intentionally omitted the chandelier, […]

Door’s Open Toronto 2015

Door’s Open Toronto is always a popular event here in the city to tourists and locals alike. Many buildings in the city open their doors to the public for two days, allowing us to walk at our own leisure and explore the interior to our hearts content. There are so many buildings opening their doors […]

Harbourfront walk

I took a morning stroll today by the harbourfront, giving my Periscope viewers a small glimpse of Toronto. While I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures from the stroll, I leave you with these photos that I had taken and posted a while ago. These are taken from all the places that I […]

5 Ways Instagram has taught me to be a better Periscope user

For those of you who have been following me, you may know that I have always been on Instagram from its early stages in life. I’m active on the app and enjoy the thriving community of like-minded individuals. It’s not only a great place to look at pretty pictures, but is also a great place […]

How could this minimalist image be even more minimal?

When I took this picture, I intentionally composed it so the sailboat was the only thing in the frame. I really liked how the sky and water almost seamlessly blended with each other. This further gives more emphasis to the subject, which is the sailboat. Despite the simplicity of this image, there is one thing that […]

A Scarborough Bluffs Surprise

Over the weekend I had another chance to go visit the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs Park. The day started off overcast, but fortunately by the time I got there, the clouds opened up and it turned out to be another gorgeous day to be there. I alluded to this in an earlier post, but the best […]

Before and After: Editing your image with my style

This post will be a departure from my regular posts, but will aim to further give you insight as to how I like to edit my photographs—this post in particular will deal with my concert photography. This was an idea that spawned from my use of Periscope not too long ago. As a festival photographer, […]

Being at the right place at the right time

This is just a precursor of another post to come. I thought I’d share with you a glimpse of what I saw today just because I happened to be at the right place at the right time. While wandering around the Scarborough Bluffs Park, I was Periscoping the view, showing the world the wonderful view […]

TorontoClicks at the ROM

Every Friday night during the spring and summertime, the Royal Ontario Museum holds a Friday Night Live event where they open their doors to museum-goers and party-lovers alike. Party-goers are able to meander through the hallways of the museum while they listen to live music, eat some great food, and mingle with friends. It was my […]

Let your photos marinate

I loosely mentioned this before in another post, but this is something that many photographers do before they go and edit a photoshoot that they just did. When you are finished with a shoot, your mindset and thoughts still linger within your head as if you were still in that moment. This isn’t bad by […]

Try different approaches to the same view

When you’re confronting a view that is all too familiar with you, try something new and different. Look for different angles that may highlight the view even more, or give rise to more uniqueness. It’s important to be able to see a view from many perspectives in order for you to be able to take […]

A photographer’s iPhone camera roll is a total mess

Isn’t 8000 photos normal for a camera roll? I thought it was until very recently when someone mentioned that I may be a little trigger happy. But there’s a good reason for this—and here’s why I encourage you to mess up your camera roll too. It may not be for most people but that’s about […]

Checking your app usage on your iPhone

I was looking through my hard drive space usage on my iPhone and noticed something peculiar with one of my apps. Looking through my app listing and going to Periscope, I noticed it was occupying 1gb of space on my iPhone when the app itself is only a mere 14mb to download from the app […]

The next sunrise shoot

It’s no secret that I love waking up early in the morning just for the sake of capturing that first light. Whether it be in the middle of winter or spring, I’m game when it comes to photography. Call me crazy but that’s just when you get that best light and dramatic scenery. Moreover, it’s […]

A little perspective changes everything

In my last Periscope, I did a quick tutorial on how a slight change in camera perspective can dramatically change the view in front of you. If you missed it, you can catch the broadcast here for the next 20 hours or so. When many people go out to take photos, their first instinct is to […]

Weeping Cherry Blossoms of Kariya Park

In continuing my series of cherry blossoms for this week, this post will cover the weeping cherry blossoms of Kariya Park, in the heart of the city of Mississauga—just outside of the city of Toronto. Kariya Park is a little known Japanese garden dedicated to the twin city of Kariya, in Japan. The park is […]

This year’s crazy pollen explained

Cherry blossoms had no effect on me, that I can be sure of. But it’s all this pollen flying around that has taken me down this Spring season. And it’s taken me down quite hard. These past few days have been so bad my whole face seems swollen—and is most certainly red all over. My […]

Sakura photos edited on Periscope

Today’s post will showcase some of the photos that I edited throughout my Periscope session that I did last night. Most of these were quick edits, as you can see in my broadcast. If you haven’t already, go to the App Store, download Periscope, and follow me @smaku. You can also see my broadcast from this […]

Sakura at dusk

When you’re out taking pictures of the same thing day after day, try something new. Whether it be from a different angle, perspective, or even better, at a different time of the day. The quality of light will change throughout the day, so going to the same place at different times of the day will […]

A look at full bloom cherry blossoms – sakura

Just to make things clear, this photo posted today was taken two years ago when I went to High Park during the cherry blossom/sakura peak season. To demonstrate the difference of taking cherry blossom photos during peak season and not during peak season, I thought I’d post a couple photos that I’ve taken in previous […]

Cherry Blossoms at High Park

It was an unexpected but pleasant visit today, as I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to visit the cherry blossoms at High Park today after work. I didn’t have my Nikon with me, so these photos are compliments of my iPhone 6 Plus, edited in Snapseed, and VSCOcam. It had rained somewhat during the day, making […]

Periscoping from the Scarborough Bluffs

It was such a great day this weekend that I thought it would be nice to take my Periscopers out for an outing to one of the most tropical places in Toronto: The Scarborough Bluffs. The sun shining made the crystal clear turquoise waters that much more vibrant. It was great to be able to […]

The Ultimate iPhone Periscope Stand

Ever since Apple changed the location of their power input from the top of the iPhone to the bottom, I’ve always been annoyed with this decision. For my day job, I find myself in front of the computer for much of the day. As unhealthy as this may be, it’s what I have to do. Because […]

What makes for a good concert photo?

Someone recently asked me about what makes for a good concert photograph. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but after some thinking, it was a question that perhaps I may not even be able to answer. The best I can do is to give some insight through my own experiences of photographing concerts throughout […]

The sun shines in Ikebukuro

I was out shopping one fine early evening in Tokyo when I came to this roadway with people walking down it. Normally it would have been just a regular pedestrian-filled road, but I soon realized the sun peeking out of the clouds every-so-often, shining its glorious rays right down the centre of the street. The golden […]

29 Days, 29 Coffee Photos

Pilot Coffee Roasters and Crafted Pilot Coffee Roasters is a Toronto-based artisan coffee roaster, and one that I’ve been quite fond of for a long time. They have two cafés in the city, Te Aro (983 Queen Street East) in Leslieville, and Crafted (135 Ossington Ave.) in the West end of town. So when Crafted […]

The grounds of Eigensinn Farm

It was almost this time two years ago that my family and I took a trip up to Eigensinn Farm in Singhampton, Ontario. Dubbed as an upscale French dining experience, chef Michael Stadtländer did not disappoint with all the details put into each course. I won’t get into all the details of the evening here, but thought I’d […]

How I edited Spring Reflection

This How I Edited post is of a picture that a lot of people seemed to like. They liked the contrast of elements within the photo, which actually has a lot to do with how this was edited. In this step by step tutorial, I will show you how this wonderful Spring photo came about, […]

People watching season has begun!

For some of us, people watching can be a real treat. Just pick a random location, sit down, and watch what goes on in front of you. If you’re at a relatively active location, you can sit there for hours on end just enjoying the time pass you by. It’s those lazy Sunday mornings that […]

Hot Docs Film Festival, here I come!

Every year I look forward to the time where I get to flex my festival photography skills by taking photos of various festivals around the city. This year for the first time, I have the pleasure of taking photos for the Hot Docs Film Festival. Although the festival has already started, I won’t be starting […]

The beauty of that first light

This morning was rather unexpected, which is why I was so happy with the end result. The clouds were quickly moving in from the left hand side of the frame, covering any sort of morning light. I could see it from how far I was. I knew that with this much cloud coverage, there would […]

One good thing about shooting in the mornings

One of the great things I like about shooting in the early morning hours is its peacefulness. There’s often nothing in sight to break the noise or the calmness of the waters. When there’s no wind, the water sits still, and the reflection seen is just magical. Of course, often times I am also befriended […]

Last chance to see my photography at Crafted

I’ve had some of my photography up at Crafted since the start of this month and I’m happy to hear that many people have gone and taken a look at them. My photos will only be up until the end of April so if you have a chance, please do stop by Crafted and take […]

Event watchers

As the warmer weather approaches the city, more and more people spend their times outdoors. That only means, more photos to be taken! While I only do a select number of events and festivals throughout the year, it’s always this time of year when things start to get busy little by little. For those of […]

Being prepared for one but not the other

As the saying goes, “you can’t please everybody.” And that’s particularly true for this situation I was in one morning. I’ll explain how this happened, why this picture didn’t turn out, and what you can do in the future so that you can come home with shots that you are proud of. Birds? What birds? […]

Done your photoshoot? Think again!

As the fog rolled in, I caught myself taking a long exposure of this view. With the fog overtaking the landscape, the overall image became so faded making it somewhat of a surreal moment. The glow from the sunrise just moments before still lingered on, giving the overall atmosphere a magical feel. You’re not done […]

Details for this Sunday’s sunrise shoot

A few days ago I posted on my blog and on my instagram feed that I’ll be doing a sunrise meet in the West end. I’m happy to see that there are some people who are interested in waking up very early for this! For those of you who are interested, here are the details. What: […]

Fog makes for magical sunrise moments

The Spring brings an interesting mix of weather. Winter weather still lingers on while the summer heat tries to show its presence. This makes the mornings much more interesting as the water and surrounding air temperatures collide to bring fog into the atmosphere. One early morning fog just came rolling in without notice. I was […]

Love where you are

Sometimes you get so stuck in the moment that you just keep doing what you’ve been doing all along. One morning while I was heading to the park, I decided last minute to go somewhere different for a change. I looked around for another vantage point and eventually ended up here. I had to walk […]

Let’s meet for a sunrise shoot

Morning are always hard on our bodies. Afterall, you’ve been resting for the last seven hours or so. But once you get over that hurdle of getting yourself out of the bed, it gets even easier to get out there and shoot as the anticipation of seeing a beautiful sunrise will get you motivated and […]

How to take photos of sunrises and sunsets

Sunrises and Sunsets Sunrises and sunsets are one of the most favourite times of the day to photograph for many landscape photographers. The colours are warm and golden, the quality of light is just right, and really, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the first light or the last light of the day pass the […]

Why I am addicted to Periscope

There are very few apps these days that attract my attention for a lengthy period of time—let alone make me want to come back to it time and time again. For as long as I can remember, Instagram has always been my go-to app during my spare time. As a photographer, it’s inspiring, and the […]

Free coffee giveaway because I can’t have caffeine!

So it’s come to the point that I’ve amassed a whole lot of coffee—enough so that I can’t drink all of this myself. So that’s why I turn to all of you to help me! I’ll be giving away two bags of coffee beans from Crafted Coffee on 133 Ossington Ave. If you love coffee, read […]

Horizon Placement Matters

Horizon Placement Matters You may not have thought about this, but where you place the horizon makes a big difference when taking landscape photos. The feel of the image instantly changes, so it’s important you place it knowing the effects it makes. This post will outline the three most common areas to place your horizon so […]

The case of an angled horizon

We all know the horizon to be straight, but if you look at the photo above, you’ll see that the horizon in fact looks to be on an angle pointing down towards the centre of the image. But how can this be? With so many distractions right on the horizon line, it makes it much […]

Fog and snow

Fog and snow at just the right time On one foggy morning it got so thick that the light changed so dramatically in such a short time. If you look at my post previous to this, you’ll see that it also has fog in it. That was taken shortly before this picture. Look at the […]

Morning Fog Over Toronto

One early morning I came to Humber Bay Shores Park and noticed a lot of clouds over the city. I wasn’t sure what I would get in terms of photo opportunities since heavy clouds like this often prevent the sun from showing its colours anywhere. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see the actual sun itself […]

Product Review: Think Tank Streetwalker HardDrive Camera Bag

Think Tank Streetwalker HardDrive I’ve had the Think Tank Streetwalker HardDrive camera bag for almost two years now and have put it through its paces. It has gone all around the world from here in Toronto to Japan to Fiji. It’s a bag that’s as rugged as it looks. And it has yet to disappoint. […]

My Mextures formulas I

Mextures App Mextures is a great app on the iOS platform that allows you to edit your photos with lots of great overlay textures, light leaks, and more. The best part is its ability to create, save, and share formulas that you have created yourself. I’ve sporadically shared some formulas on this blog in the […]

A full recap of Toronto’s Pillow-Fight Day

I was heading downtown today to run an errand and as luck would have it, I found out before leaving that it was International Pillow Fight Day today, and Toronto was participating. I didn’t know anything about this event, nor had I heard anything about it before, but I figured I’d take my camera with […]

Love-locks on a wire

I’ve been here a number of times in the past but this was the first time I had ever noticed these locks hanging on the wire. I’m not sure whether I was just not as observant before, or if I had my eyes fixated on the view that this bridge provides, but it wasn’t until […]

A moody but gorgeous morning this Easter Friday

  I think it was about two years ago this time, the cherry blossoms were at full bloom in Toronto’s High Park. As I look out the window today, I see overcast skies and chilly winds blowing through the trees. If I look hard enough, I can still see some snow and ice striving to be […]

It’s a good time to explore today

To celebrate today’s expected high of 17 celsius in the city of Toronto, I leave you with a photo that was taken on the waters of the South Pacific. It’s of an island that looks somewhat deserted, but I’m sure is home to many tourists throughout the day. I love the hills on either side […]

Art Show at Crafted

Taku’s Art Show at Crafted for the Month of April Crafted | 135 Ossington Ave. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on selecting, editing, and printing some of my photos for showing at Crafted, a local coffee shop at Queen and Ossington. It’s been a fun process, but also a learning one, as preparing […]

Feature Photographer on Huffington Post Canada

Today I just wanted to give a thanks to Huffington Post Canada for selecting me as a feature photographer of the week on their latest Instagram account, @CanadaGram, which is their project featuring “Canada’s best instagrammers.” Now, I certainly don’t think I qualify to be in the ranks of Canada’s best, but I do appreciate […]

Print your photos to really appreciate them

This year I took it upon myself to print more of my photos. Over the last few years I’ve taken so many photos that I have yet to be able to fully appreciate them beyond posting them on select social media sites—if at that. Most of my photos are rarely seen as I edit them […]

iPhoneography: How I Edited Toronto the Beautiful

Today’s photo editing process comes from a photo that I took during one of my sunrise shoots. It was an absolutely beautiful morning with just the right amount of clouds and light reflection to give off a spectacular image. Or was it? Here’s the original image that was taken with my iPhone 6 Plus. It […]

Congratulations to those who wed today

Wedding Season is Upon Us Wedding season is quickly approaching the city, and couples and photographers are gearing up for their special day. For professional wedding photographers, it’s not uncommon for them to have one or multiple weddings per weekend making this season their busiest of the year. While I do not shoot weddings for […]

Why you should be sharpening your images

So you’ve taken a bunch of photos one day and you post them online. Do you sharpen these images? You should. And here’s why. Your images may look fine at first, but after seeing them sharpened properly, you’ll be surprised at how much better they will look. Sharpening can be done in three primary places […]

Shoot out of your comfort zone

If you’re ever in any kind of photography rut, try something new. Try something that you normally don’t do, or maybe are afraid to do. Getting out of your comfort zone may yield something unexpected. This photo was taken last year at an impromptu shoot with some local Instagrammers. We didn’t meet to come here, […]

Shooting with others can be refreshing

It’s been a while shooting with other photographers, but it’s never a dull moment when you’re out and about with others. In fact, it’s a great way to be social, get inspired by different perspectives, and just have fun. Last Sprint, I took to the streets of Mississauga with other local photographers and just took […]

Hey Spring, where are you?

Spring has officially sprung but there really is no sign of it anywhere. With temperatures still below the freezing mark, it looks like Mother Nature has other plans for us. But fear not, eventually it will get warmer, which is a sure sign that these cherry blossoms will start to bloom at High Park once […]

Photo of the month at Mobile Walkers Japan

Mobile Walkers Japan is an Instagram community featuring primarily Japanese mobile photographers while also including a smattering of international photographers on their stream. Each day they feature on their stream a different photo from a different photographer. At the end of each month, they round up all the Photo of the Day photos, and post them […]

Taku’s Top 5 iPhoneography Winter Photography Favourites

Yesterday’s Top 5 post was all about my photography taken with my Nikon D800 camera. Today’s Top 5 is all about my other camera, my iPhone. This year all of my winter iphoneography was done on an iPhone 6 Plus and sure enough, this camera did not disappoint either. Here are my Top 5 iPhoneography […]

Taku’s Top 5 Winter Photography Favourites

As of 6:45pm, March 20, winter is officially over, however it may not feel like it with the current cold front passing by our city this week. To recap this wonderful season that offered a number of prime photo opportunities, I’ve rounded my top five favourite photos that I took with my Nikon over this winter […]

A Monochromatic Sunrise

For whatever reason, I really feel that this faded monochromatic look works for this photo. The foreground silhouette is nicely contrasted by the shimmering lake Ontario in the backdrop, coupled by the light fog floating above the water. The sunrise contrasts nicely within the open sky. This somewhat nostalgic feel I get with this photo warms […]

iPhone 6 Plus Vs. Nikon D800 Sunrise Shootout

Here’s another comparison photo from my iPhone 6 Plus and my Nikon D800. They may not be a fair comparison per se, but it’s always fun to see the difference in quality between a mobile photo and that from a dSLR. I posted the square cropped version of the iPhone 6 Plus photo on Instagram. […]

500px Model Vs. Photographer

A few weeks ago, I decided to change things up a bit by partaking in a photography event held by 500px.com. Dubbed “Model Vs. Photographer,” the Toronto community of photographers, models, and make-up artists came together, collaborated, and just overall had a great time at the headquarters of 500px. For those of you who know […]

Whiteout Condition

It’s amazing what photographers will do to get that golden shot. Whether it’s waking up at 5 in the morning for that sunrise shot, or precariously balancing on ledges or rocks to get that vantage point, or simply going out in the worst weather possible, we do it all for the sake of taking pictures. […]

The Mistaken Tree

While it’s great to go out and shoot what you like, it’s also important to mark down all the places that you’ve visited in the past in case you want to visit it in the future again. There was one place in particular that I wanted to return to, since shooting there last winter season. […]

A winter storm approaches

This was the day that I went out shooting a little unprepared. Little did I know that it would eventually rain freezing rain. Coupled with strong winds, it was not the most ideal condition to be shooting in. Nevertheless, I kept shooting because I already made the effort to come to the park. But enough […]

Sunny days are ahead

Well, we all hope so, at least. The day that I shot this, it was fairly cold. But the sun came out halfway through the day and warmed things up a little. While I was walking by the shorelines, I passed by a cross-country skier. She spoke out first and we started chatting for a […]

How I Edited Benched Sunrise

Today’s iPhone Post-Processing technique comes from a sunrise that I took one cool morning. This was taken on my way back to my car. I look backed as I was walking and noticed this great view, so I took a quick snap at it, with all the elements I wanted within the frame: the CN […]

Sunrises are easier to photograph

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting up early to catch the sun rise above the horizon on the shores of Lake Ontario. It wasn’t easy waking up at 5am some days, but let me tell you, more often than not, I find it easier to take photos of sunrises than sunsets. And here’s […]

Product Review: Pedco Ultraclamp

As a longtime photographer and iPhoneographer, I’ve been accustomed to carrying both my Nikon and my iPhone with me on my photography trips. In addition, my tripod would also come along for the trip since you never know when you’ll need to make those low-light shots or long exposures. Over the years, the tripod I […]

My Social Print Studio book has arrived!

The whole concept of creating a photobook on your phone would have been mind boggling years ago in the age of mobile flip phones and cordless telephones at home. Now, with our iPhones and other mobile devices being more powerful than our desktop computers of the 80s, we’re almost accustomed to them doing practically anything. […]

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Part of my Fijiweek of blog posts, here’s a review of Fiji’s 5-star Likuliku Lagoon Resort, which I was very fortunate to visit last year. For additional photos of Fiji and its beauty, please head over to my Fantastic Fiji gallery. Even before stepping onto the island, you know you’re in for a treat. With guitar […]

Viseisei Village

Viseisei Village is the oldest settlement in Fiji, located about 12km. north of Nadi. It’s a great little village that will let you experience what a traditional Fiji village is like. Most indigenous Fijians still live in villages similar to this, and make their living off the land and sea. Historically, the first Melanesians were […]

The Vuda Lookout

The Vuda lookout stands atop Fiji giving you a breathtaking panorama of the island. It is a private lookout therefore only select tours are allowed up to this viewpoint. It’s a great place to see the island, mountain ranges, and surrounding areas. From what I remember, you’re able to get a glimpse of the Nadi […]

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

Because we took the morning tour, our package also included a visit to the local market (previous post) and the Nadi temple. The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple is the largest Hindu temple in the Southern hemisphere. Compared to its surroundings, its colours and textures literally pop out at you, begging for a visit. The temple is […]

The Fruit and Vegetable Market

The tour package we opted for was called the Vuda Lookout Tour. It took us to the Vuda lookout, Viseisei Village, The Garden of the Sleeping Giants, the fruit and vegetable market, and into Nadi to see the Hindu temple. The trip to the fruit market and Nadi temple is only included in the morning […]

Hiking Mt. Batilamu

A full day hiking tour up Mt. Batilamu (1195m) in Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is another great way to see the beauty of Fiji. There are several companies that offer this, so take your pic! George I went with a tour organizer by the name of George, whom was highly recommended on tripadvisor.com. We were […]

The Garden of the Sleeping Giants

The Garden of the Sleeping Giants sits on the foothills of the Naosori Highlands, and is home to Fiji’s largest orchid collection. Another hidden gem surrounded by the rich forestry that Fiji has to offer, it’s a great escape and calming walk that shouldn’t be missed. All photos courtesy of my iPhone 5s. The History […]

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

Rated 4.5/5 on Tripadvisor and also highly recommended on other review sites, there’s no reason not to take this tour if you’re ever in the Nadi region of Fiji. Situated halfway between Nadi and Lautoka on the western half of the main island of Fiji, surrounded by the lush landscapes of the Sabeto Valley, the […]

First Landing Beach Resort and Villas

Situated on the eastern shores of the main island of Fiji just north of Nadi Bay, First Landing Beach Resort and Villas lays its ground on the very land that the natives set foot on. It is situated amongst tropical gardens and on Nalamu Beach, which boasts the only white sanded beach in the Nadi […]

Top 3 Sunsets to Warm You this Winter

With all the cold weather we’ve been having lately, I thought I may warm you up with some of the most spectacular displays of sunsets that I have ever witnessed in my life. They come from various parts of the world, but manage to display the beauty that Mother Nature is known for, and I hope they get […]

Concrete Jungle

Why is it that people are always fixated by cityscape overview shots? Are they bewildered by the amount of buildings the city has? Or perhaps it’s the lack of? Is it the wide expanse the view provides us, or the fact that you can see the horizon in the far distance mixed in with the […]

iPhone long exposure trickery

Here’s a little trick to deceive your eyes when doing a long exposure on your iPhone. This was brought to my attention by another fellow iPhone photographer, and I thought it was a great tip to have under your belt. When you are on a moving object and you take a long exposure looking out, […]

App Review: Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam app for iOS is the long exposure app that you’ve been waiting for. It does it all, and produces sharp results in an easy-to-use interface.   [ Website | iTunes ] True long exposure photography on a dSLR opens and leaves the shutter for as long as you indicate. On an iPhone, […]

Who says midday photos are bad?

While it is generally known that photos during the harsh midday sunlight are not the most pleasing, this light can still make your scene quite nice given the right circumstances. This photo was taken shortly after noon on a bright and sunny day. I really shouldn’t have included the actual sun in the photo as […]

Is your gear up to the task?

Many people may underestimate the necessity for your photography gear to be weather-sealed, or properly taken care of. It may not be a necessity for some, but if you love the outdoors, and will take your gear out in sub-par weather, then take good care of your gear, and it will take care of you. […]

Chasing waterfalls

No matter what the season, waterfalls always seem to be a great photo opportunity. In the winter, the ice around them gives a whole new emotion to the summertime rush of the flowing water. The rushing water here created such a large haze over it, making it almost surreal. While I don’t live nearby any waterfalls […]

B&W landscapes can be dramatic

I’m not the one to make black and white landscape photos, but when I see one that works, I stick with it. This photo that I took with my iPhone 6 Plus is one such example. This was in fact a long exposure of about 4 seconds, which is why you can see the rocks so […]

Climbing Ice

A few weeks ago I went to Hamilton to try and take some more photos of waterfalls. I decided to go to Tiffany falls because of its height and accessibility. When I got there, however, I soon realized that I wouldn’t be able to get any photos of the falls at all! The morning ice […]

Sunrise on a farm

One of my new favourite spots to shoot while I was in Karuizawa, Japan, was this farm perched on top of a hill. Once you climb the short steps up the hill, you are rewarded with such an expanse that it allows for some spectacular sunrise and sunset shots! What a gem this place was, […]

Drawing impressions

I used to like drawing a lot when I was a child, so now and then I find it interesting to see when a photo gets converted to a drawing masterpiece at the click of a button. No, I didn’t draw this picture above, but I did take the original picture it was based on […]

Cold mornings

Did everyone enjoy the cold mornings over the weekend? While I wasn’t crazy enough to go out for a sunrise shoot this past weekend, I did shoot this during a sunrise one early morning last winter. I don’t remember what the exact temperature was, but it sure felt like it was -40C. The morning colours […]

Snow and sun

Two very difficult things to photograph, all in one frame! As much as we love photographs with the warmth of the sun in there, the sun itself is never a flattering thing to get, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. The sun being so bright, basically over-exposes in most photographs, yielding in an […]

Photography is all about constant learning

It’s amazing how much one year can change a photographer. I was looking back at some of my older photos from exactly a year ago, and already I’ve noticed that I’ve started to change my editing workflow. This photo, taken on my trip to Fiji last year is a good example. My original edit was rather dull, […]

That’s so cliché

When you’re out shooting and you see an opportunity to shoot in front of you that you’ve seen countless of times in magazines, postcards, or somewhere else, go ahead and take your picture without guilt. It’s ok that thousands of other people may have done it in the past. It’s ok that perhaps many of […]

Nostalgic moment

I don’t usually edit my photos in a vintage/nostalgic way too often, but sometimes it just feels like it works. It’s also good to go beyond your traditional editing style and do something different once in a while. It’s days like today—several feet of snow and -20C weather—that you feel so nostalgic when seeing photos […]

Do something different

All to often we get stuck in our daily routine, making it hard for us to see outside of the proverbial box. We get so focused on what’s in front of us that we don’t take a second to see what’s around us. To keep us motivated creatively and generally speaking, it’s good to try […]

How I edited Purple Beach on my iPhone

Today’s iPhone Post-Processing technique comes from the photo that I took off the shores of Hamilton, Ontario. It was a freezing cold day, and I almost never took this shot, had it not been for me looking back returning to my car. This is a simple edit but one that makes a big transformation thanks to […]

Valentine’s Day is almost here

Are you ready? Valentine’s Day is almost here. Whether you like the commercialism of this day or not, there are plenty of couples going out for dinner and enjoying each other’s company. This photo isn’t to say that everybody should go out and reserve a sunset dinner for two on the beach, but rather, if […]

Silhouette in the sunset

Sunsets always make for some gorgeous photography, but when you want to do something different, try taking photos of people in front of the sunset. Expose properly for the sunset so you still get those beautiful hues, and you’ll see that the people in the photo will turn into silhouettes, making them an intriguing subject within […]

Into the wormhole

Here’s a classic wormhole shot taken from the first train of the subway in Toronto. While many photographers love to do this with their mobile phone, I had a chance to do this with my Nikon D800 a while back. It’s a simple photo but because of the fast motion going through the curved tunnel, it […]

In the South Pacific

You’ve worked hard during the week, so here’s a little break from the ordinary. This was a beautiful sunset to cap off one of my first days on the islands of Tahiti. Standing on the beach in Moorea, seeing this for the first time was magical. The South Pacific area is known to have some of […]

Conflict of subject

When you look at this photo, what’s the first thing that you see? Is it the flowers, or the coloured bags, or the number of silver seats lined along the table? Or perhaps it’s the chandelier, or the brink wall, or maybe even that awful sign indicating, “DANGER 13200 VOLTS” in red! There’s a lot […]

How I edited Ikebukuro Sunset on my iPhone

It was by chance that I experienced this magical location. I was shopping in Ikebukuro one evening when I came out from a store just as the sun was shining through this narrow walkway. I noticed that magical evening light and started taking pictures. It was overcast that day so the sun kept hiding behind […]

Almost abstract

I never thought about this until a few months after taking this photo, but this long exposure photo seems almost surreal and abstract. There’s no special effects applied to it, just some simple colour enhancements in Lightroom and a little bit of smoke removal from the horizon. If you look at this photo for a […]

The Humber Bay Arch bridge

Toronto is blessed with some fine architecture, whether it be buildings or other structures, like this bridge. This Humber Bay Arch bridge, or Gateway Bridge, was completed in the mid-1990s, and spans 139m in length! Photographers love it for its uniqueness, curvature, and minimalism. One day I should go there and do a little study on […]

This time last year

This time last year, I went to Lakefront Promenade Park in Toronto to see what it was like. It was white, frozen, and cold. But that’s no surprise given last year’s winter in Toronto. This year, however, isn’t fairing much better as the cold temperatures just keep sticking around, giving us more snow day after […]

Sunday Selfie?

I’m not the one to take photos of myself, but now and then, when my wife is with me, she candidly takes photos while I’m doing my thing. Here’s one that she took of me during one of our early morning sunrise “walks” where we went to the park to take pictures and then walk around […]

Street scene in Tokyo

This may be one of those photos where it may not seem like anything special but somehow strikes me as being something. It’s another black and white street scene from Tokyo, but this time taken with my iPhone 6 Plus camera. It was a blind shot in that I aimed the camera in the direction […]

What to do with a photographer’s block

So you’re a photographer or a photography student, and you feel unmotivated to get out there and shoot something. Even worse, everywhere you look you feel like there’s nothing to shoot. What can you do to make those creative juices flowing again? The photographer in me has always been keen on seeing things through the […]

How I edited Omotesando Sunset on my iPhone

Here’s a great example of a sunset that has been “placed” into my photo to spice up an area where it would otherwise be blown out highlights. To add even more spice to the image, I decided to make a long exposure picture to show the movement of the cars down below. I did this with […]

Toronto’s city hall is architecturally quite stunning

One thing I’ve always been meaning to do was to go back to Toronto’s city hall and take a closer look at the building architecturally. With all these curves, it’s quite the building to photograph. However, my goal isn’t just to simply take pictures of this building, I want to show its true beauty in […]

Look where you least expect to look

I was walking along the street one day with a friend of mine, looking for things to take pictures of. It was just an ordinary street that pedestrians use when we walked by a bus stop shelter. I didn’t think anything of it but my friend stopped to take a look. She started taking pictures as […]

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Nikon D800 photos

So every now and then I’ll try and post one of these compare and contrasts where I take the same photo with my iPhone (currently a 6 Plus) and compare it to what I get with my Nikon D800. It’s not only a fun way to compare photographs but also a way to understand the […]

A little B&W goes a long way

People who know me, know me for my colour photography. I was never a guy for black and whites. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them at all. They have their own beauty to them, when done right. Today I thought I’d bring to you some b&w that I edited from a little photowalk that […]

Being prepared

Landscape photography has a lot to do with proper lighting. It makes a world of difference so it’s always a good thing to know when that natural light is at its best. When I went to Nikko, Japan late last year to enjoy the autumn colours of the Japan alps, I had a moment at the […]

Negative space isn’t so bad

In most cases you will want the subject to stand out in your photo. There are several ways to accomplish this, with Negative space being one of them. In photography, negative space refers to the space surrounding your subject. The fewer the distractions in this area, the more your subject can stand out. This space […]

A look at Stephen Mallon’s photography

Just the other day I came across a photographer’s portfolio that really interested me, so I thought I’d share it with you as well. More specifically, I came across Stephen Mallon’s photo essay entitled, Next Stop Atlantic, where he documented the disposal of old NYC subway trains into the Atlantic Ocean. What?! You may be […]

App Review: Snapseed

Snapseed for iOS is a versatile image editing app with all the features an iPhoneographer would want, packed into a user-friendly and easy-to-look-at UI.   [ Website | iTunes ] Snapseed for iOS is a great app for editing images, and many photographers (including myself) went to it for their quick edits. The latest update came not too long […]

How I Edited White Nature on my iPhone 6 Plus

Today’s iPhone Post Processing technique is of the high-key image that I took one cold and windy day at Colonel Sam Smith Park in the west end of Toronto. I wanted to capture the winter scene along with the colours of the sunset, so I took to the park to see what I could find. […]

How I edited the Sunset Path on my iPhone

Today’s iPhone Post-Processing comes all the way from the west end at Colonel Sam Smith Park in Etobicoke. In fact, this is one of my favourite places in the west end to shoot since there’s a variety of compositions. It’s right by Humber College and, there’s even a skating rink to boot if you ever […]


Why did I take this photo? This bench is what attracted me in the first place. It was all by its lonesome amongst the dirty ground that it stuck out and caught my attention. I could have easily just taken a photo of this bench and called it a day but somehow I wanted to […]

Using scale to create striking images

This photo that I captured on the mountainside of Nikko, Japan is a good example of where scale is used effectively. The winding road on the right side, with the bus turning around on the bend is so minuscule compared to the amount of space the abundance of the trees cover the image. This contrast […]

Why are you so foggy all the time?

You get off a 10 hour flight around 5am and then take the taxi to your hotel. You’ve landed in Fiji, starting off your 10-day vacation of a lifetime. You check in and drop off your luggages at your room and are itching to explore the area. The sun is just starting out to peak […]

How I edited Tokyo Bay Sunset on my iPhone

Today’s iPhone Post-Processing technique is of the sunset that I took from Odaiba, looking towards the Tokyo Bay. It was a glorious sunset and I wanted to show the world how I felt when I saw this. While the original photo doesn’t look that bad, I felt the overall photo lacked a little excitement. The […]

Volunteer for the 2015 Luminato Festival!

Although summer isn’t here in Toronto yet, it’s never too early to start thinking of what you’ll be doing! My friends at the Luminato Festival are now looking for volunteers to help out with their annual festival this year, happening on June 19-28. I’ve been with them ever since their second year of the festival in […]

Upside down iPhoneography

I was taking pictures with my iPhone 5s one evening when I noticed something funny. After tapping on the native camera icon, the camera app appeared upside down! The shutter button and even the live viewfinder was upside down. Even stranger was that if I flipped my phone upside down, the camera app would rotate […]

The glow of the sun

On cold days like today, it’s nice to bask in the glory of the sun. These people here have the right idea. During sunsets, the sun shines brightly in this direction, allowing people to enjoy their meals directly in the sun. The National Art Centre, Tokyo, is great in during this time, when the sun […]

How I edited Odaiba Fountain on my iPhone

I’m starting a new series on my blog today, called iPhone Post-Processing, or iPP, for short. These posts are meant to complement my Instagram uploads as they describe in more detail how I post-processed the uploaded image. Sometimes it may be as simple as opening up a single app and straightening the image, while other […]

Tokyo Performance Doll in Odaiba

Back in the day when I first started listening to Japanese pop music (J-pop) (think early 90’s), I had a fascination with one artist, Shinohara Ryoko. She wasn’t the prettiest of girls, nor was she the best singer; I just liked the attitude that she exuded when she sang—perhaps I should thank her producers for […]

Going for a walk

If you’re ever in a creative photography block and want some inspiration, a great place for a walk is the University of Toronto campus in downtown Toronto. During the summer of last year, I had a chance to explore the campus and found some great places to just sit and relax, or to take in some […]

Is this seat taken?

In stark contrast to yesterday’s post of snow, this photo—taken in Fiji—is a much nicer scene for most people. How would you like to eat breakfast here every morning? I took this with my iPhone 5s as I was sitting in my seat, eating breakfast. The water was calm, and the sun was bright. It […]

Snow from all directions

Some say photographers are crazy for going all out in taking their shots. But truthfully, if you don’t go to places where others don’t normally go to, you wouldn’t be able to get that extra special shot that you’re always after. Winter typically gets in the way of people being able to enjoy the outdoors. […]

The Absolute View

Somedays I wish I were living in a high-rise again. I have to admit, as much as I may not like the whole condo- or apartment thing anymore, I do love the view they offer! I’m a sucker for a place with a great view so when I left my condominium at Absolute World in […]

The Adirondacks

A while ago—2011 to be exact—I took to the slopes of Lake Placid. Well, I didn’t actually ski down any hills; I went up the mountain by these lifts, and went down the same way. I did, however, enjoy the great view offered here though. It was a clear and crisp day allowing us to see […]

Soldier in the field

The summertime in Toronto offers an abundance of events to partake in. Last summer, I happen to come across the war of 1812 reenactment at the Historic Grounds of Fort York. Amongst all the shootings and parading of soldiers, I caught a moment from the announcer of the evening. Perhaps he was reflecting at what […]

Three weeks from now…

Three weeks from now, last year, the weather was like this. With a brutal snow storm, I was a little crazy to voluntarily go outside just for the sake of taking photos of the snow storm. Truth be told, the weather wasn’t that bad when I left my house. But as soon as I arrived […]

Asakusa Dori

This street on the left is called Asakusa (nakamise) Dori. The street is lined on both sides with a number of small shops selling anything from trinkets to snacks to take-home meals. It’s a great place to just wander around and enjoy the atmosphere. The street eventually leads to the Senso-ji, or the temple to the […]

The First of Many

The new year is upon us and everybody is gearing up to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. Whether it is to be more active, complete a marathon, or fulfill another task, it’s a great time to start something new. I havent personally made a resolution yet, but I will be more conscientious in posting on […]

App Review: Mextures

Mextures is an award-winning stylish app that brings grunge and film textures, epic analogue light leaks and gradients to enable beautifully crafted iphoneography.   [ Website | iTunes ] Mextures is an app created by photographer Merek Davis in 2012 to leverage the great textures that he had been using to edit his own photos. Originally started […]

App Review: Instaflash Pro

Instaflash Pro is a simple to use, no-clutter photo editor with a lot of power packed into a clean and responsive interface. Instaflash is the scaled down version of the Pro version with in-app purchases available for additional features. [ Website | iTunes ] Instaflash Pro seems to be an app that hasn’t received the attention […]

Taku’s iPhoneography Christmas Adventure in Toronto

I had a couple of hours to spare one day after work so I took to the streets of Toronto to find some Christmas spirit. Only, this time, I went underground to the Path. The Path, for those of you who are new to Toronto, is an underground “maze” of shops and restaurants catering to […]

The Festive Toronto City Hall

Toronto’s City Hall is no exception when it comes to decorating during the holiday season. With lights wrapped around the arches of the skating rink to those lined along the walls, you can’t not get into that magical mood. I haven’t skated since my childhood years, so rather than attempt to showcase my fancy skating […]

PANTONE Colour of the Year 2015 is Marsala

Every year The Pantone Color Institute chooses a colour that they feel will be the next it colour for the next 12 months. Not to long ao, it chose Marsala (PANTONE® 18-1438) as their 25th Color of the Year. Marsala is a deep reddish-brown colour that the specialists at Pantone say as being “a naturally […]

The Toronto Christmas Market Part 2/2

Continuing on from my previous post of the Toronto Christmas Market, I took the opportunity to take photos to illustrate the festive location, on my very first visit to the market. If you haven’t already been to this year’s Shop.ca Toronto Christmas Market presented by American Express, be sure to drop by before their final […]

Product Review: GripTight Mount by JOBY

If you ever wanted to take long exposures with your iPhone—or any other mobile phone for that matter—it’s always best to keep your iPhone as stable as possible. One way to go about this is to use a tripod. Most tripods, however, do not come with an adapter that can hold your iPhone, relegating you […]

App Review: Juxtaposer

Juxtaposer is an app that allows you to creatively combine multiple photos together by enabling you to remove portions of the top image while seamlessly blending the two together. [ Website | iTunes ]   More recently than not, I’ve seen many photography apps come out for iOS that specialize in one specific task. These apps focus […]

National Art Centre, Tokyo

If you ever find yourself in Tokyo and have nothing to do (impossible!), make your way to the National Art Centre, Tokyo located near the Roppongi district. Not only is it architecturally stunning, but it is also a photographer’s playground with all the curves, glass, and a whole lot of shadow-play during sunsets. I came […]

Product Review: Felt Case by FUZ Designs

It’s been a few weeks now since I received my Kickstarter award from FUZ Designs. This time, it was a Felt Case that I ordered for my iPhone 6 Plus. When I first found this product, I was quite excited since I was in the market for a case that would protect my investment, yet look […]

Product Review: Slide by Peak Design

Not too long ago I received my order of the Slide camera strap by Peak Design, which I procured through their Kickstarter campaign that raised an impressive $861,164! This is my short but to-the-point review of it, after taking it out for a couple weeks. According to their website, the Peak Design’s Slide is the most versatile sling […]

The Toronto Christmas Market Part 1/2

The Shop.ca Toronto Christmas Market presented by American Express is just what Santa Claus ordered to get everybody into the Christmas Spirit. It was my first time at the market and and I’m not exactly sure why it’s taken me so long to come here! According to Fodor’s Travel, it is one of the 10 best […]

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Christmas Market

Christmas is coming, and with it, the festive spirit is alive in many places around the world. Last year I had the opportunity to visit the Red Brick Warehouse Christmas Market in Yokohama, Japan. It was only their 4th year but the market was still bustling with families and couples from all over the city […]

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2014

Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche brings to the city of Toronto an all-night art extravaganza that the city loves. I took to the streets this year again to see if I can catch any awe-inspiring exhibits again. You can see my last year’s post here, where many popular exhibits like Ai Wei Wei’s Forever Bicycle was a […]

Toronto’s Outdoor Cinemas (Part2/2)

Part one of my two-part photography series brought you some great movie-watching experiences from the grounds of Fort York, David Pecaut Square, and Sugar Beach. This second part will bring you photos that I took from screenings at Yonge-Dundas Square, Harbourfront, and St. James park. City Cinema: Yonge-Dundas Square While there isn’t any large grassy […]

Toronto’s Outdoor Cinemas (Part 1/2)

The Ex has ended, school has started, and traffic and commuting are a nightmare. But that doesn’t mean summer is over just yet. Technically summer isn’t over until September 22, 2014 so let’s keep the spirit going with my two-part series on outdoor movie-watching. This summer there were no shortages of movies to watch…outdoors! With […]

Toronto Ribfest at Centennial Park

The Toronto Ribfest at Centennial Park, to some, is pretty much a staple when it comes to things to do on a Canada Day weekend. And why wouldn’t it be? Like the options on this site, it was filled with BBQ ribs, chicken, and pulled pork through the air, beer tents , and this year, […]

Luminato Festival 2014 Wrapup

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been with the Luminato Festival for seven years in various capacities from volunteer to team leader to photography mentor. Now my second year as one of their staff photographers, it’s been a blast photographing all that I can for them. Now that the Luminato Festival has come to a […]

Luminato Festival’s YVPP 2014 Workshops

It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since I last held my photography workshop for Luminato Festival‘s Youth Volunteer Photography Program (YVPP). With this being my fourth year teaching the program, I was more than thrilled to be back again, inspiring and enriching the minds of highschool students. I recently finished holding […]

Doors Open Toronto 2014

With the little time I had this past weekend, I managed to squeeze in a couple venues for Doors Open Toronto 2014. I was limited in my choices as I was working in the west end of town that day. Regardless, it was a while since I got out and actually took photos with my […]

Winter Wonderland Highlights

View Winter Wonderland Highlights Here! It’s almost Easter and you’re probably wondering where the sun is hiding (in addition to all the eggs). With a forecast to snow today and with a high of only 3 celsius, Toronto is well below seasonal temperatures. To soothe your soul, I’ve compiled some of my favourite images from […]

Fantastic Fiji

> > Jump to my Fiji Photos! < < Bula! It’s been more than one month since I returned from my trip to Fiji. In the interim, I’ve posted (on Facebook and Instagram) several photos taken and edited with my iPhone 5s. If you weren’t excited about Fiji from these teaser photos, I hope you […]

Colonel Sam Smith Park II

It’s nearing the end of March and it looks like winter is still here to stay—at least here in Toronto. So, allow me to post yet another one of my Winter Wonderland series where I trek outdoors in “ungodly” hours to take sunrise pictures. This was actually taken back in February, when there was a […]

Humber Bay Park East II

My previous post included photos from my sunrise shoot from the first location we were at. On our way back to the car, we noticed an area that we had yet to explore. Sure enough, this was another picturesque area that we had to take advantage of, especially in the morning light. This beach and […]

Humber Bay Park East

I’ve decided to split this post into two separate posts since the photos are from two different areas of the park. I suppose I could have included them all in one post, but I’m being like those directors who like to split films into two or three or six different films…just because they can. You’ll […]

Lakefront Promenade Park

With this year’s relentless winter weather, there’s really not much to do but to find ways to enjoy yourself through the cold. So once again, I took to the snow (?) and headed to another park in Mississauga. This time it was Lakefront Promenade Park, which I thought would give me good photo opportunities given […]

iPhone-Edited Winter Wonderlands

My last couple of posts have been all about my winter wonderlands taken with my Nikon dSLR. This post, in contrast, is all about my winter wonderlands taken with my iPhone 5s. [Snapseed, VSCOcam: F1] The ones I had been posting recently on my Instagram feed have all been cropped to a square format. The […]

Lakeview Park in Oshawa

I head out to Oshawa every other month for work. But somehow it never occurred to me to actually explore the area. So this past week while I was there, I google mapped the location and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a park and lakeshore nearby. Seeing as it was a sunny […]

Colonel Sam Smith Park

Toronto—and perhaps many other places around the world—has been having a pretty relentless winter this year. With temparatures falling below -30 celsius with windchills, ice storms, and strong winds, mother nature had many people scrambling to seek shelter. However, you can’t take photos of mother nature from the inside, so I decided to go out […]

Winter wreaths

Wreaths are often brought out and hung on doors during the holiday season, lifting the festive spirit. However, these holidays wreaths are more than just decorations. There’s a rich history behind these wreaths that stretch back as far as the Romans. The Romans originally hung these wreaths on their doors as a sign of victory. […]

Autumn Scenery 2013

While on my way to Letchworth State Park in my previous post, I drove by some amazing landscapes where I just had to stop the car (on the side of the road) and enjoy the view. I got my camera out of the trunk, snapped a few photos, and was on my way in the […]

Autumn 2013 at Letchworth State Park

Every year in autumn, I try my best to go a short distance to somewhere where I can soak in the colours of mother nature at its best. Last year, my wife and I discovered Killarney, Ontario, which you can also discover in my posts here, and here. Yes, we went twice! This year our […]

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2013

It’s been a while since the last time I enjoyed Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. In fact, the last time I went was when the CN Tower took part in the event, allowing photographers and guests to go up to the top observatory all throughout the night. Why won’t they do that again?! I decided to go […]

Astrophotography: My First Attempt!

When I went to Algonquin Park earlier this summer, I tried my luck with astrophotography. While I’ve done numerous long exposure photography in the night before, I’ve never attempted to capture the beauty of the stars and skies. As luck would have it, the weekend I went up happened to be the perfect weekend for […]

Kayaking in Little Joe Lake

See the rest of my Algonquin Park photos here! When you go to Algonquin Park in the summer, you will no doubt spend some time in the water. While I had canoed several times in the past, I had never kayaked on durable kayak. It’s a wonder why it took me so long to discover […]

Arowhon Pines in Algonquin Park

For an all-inclusive resort within Algonquin Park, one cannot go wrong with a stay at Arowhon Pines. The resort, nestled off a dirt road from HWY 60, provides all the amenities one could want in an outdoor getaway. Whether you come here as a couple or as a family, it provides the perfect setting for […]

Backyard Post

I have a rather large backyard but I haven’t been able to take advantage of it at all this year. With so many things to do inside the home, I have yet to be able to take care or let alone enjoy the outside of my home. So over the weekend, I took a quick […]

Luminato and Lomography in Toronto II

Just over a month ago I posted my experience with Luminato Festival and its partnership with Lomography. Fast forward to July 18, 2013 where I was finally able to see my results from the Lomography workshop that I attended that day, along with the photos from the Youth Volunteer Photography Program at Luminato Festival. The […]

Christian Louboutin Exhibit at Design Exchange

Last month I had a chance to shoot the opening night of the Christian Louboutin exhibit held at the Design Exchange in Toronto. I’m not overly picky about my own pair of shoes, and frankly cannot fathom spending so much on a pair (I do own a pair of shoes that cost me less than […]

What’s in my bag?!

I’ve read a lot of other photographer’s posts on various sites on the contents of their bag when they go out shooting. So I thought I’d join in on the fun and let you all see what was in my bag during the 10 days that I was shooting the Luminato Festival. While the contents […]

Luminato Festival 2013

Now that the Luminato Festival for 2013 has come to an end and I have somewhat returned to my regular routine, I’ve had some time to edit my images taken during the festival. As one of four festival photographers, it was an adventure every night with changing schedules and surprises along the way. While this […]

After the storm

It wasn’t too long ago that I took a walk through the downtown core of Toronto. Earlier in the day, I did a little bit of architecture shooting, focusing on patterns and perspectives. It’s actually quite interesting what you come up with when you focus on specifics. For the latter part of the day, I […]

Luminato and Lomography in Toronto

As a volunteer for the Luminato Festival for the past six years, and an instructor for the Community and Outreach department’s Youth Volunteer Photography Program for the past three years, it’s been a great privilege for me to be able to work with a fantastic group of people, doing some fun things before—and during—the festival. […]

City Hall at Doors Open 2013

This past weekend saw many of Toronto’s finest buildings and architectural wonders open their doors to the public. Doors Open Toronto, now in its 14th year, saw locals and tourists come out over the past weekend as the sun was shining bright, and the temperatures were just so right. Although I only had a brief […]

Kariya Park

Kariya Park is a little bit of greenery in the heart of Mississauga. The park is named after Mississauga’s sister city, Kariya, in Japan. Although it’s not too large a park, it is quite popular for photographers as you can frequently see bride and grooms posing on the bridge, by the fence, and under the […]

Killarney 2

Last summer, I had the fortune of camping and hiking in Killarney, Ontario. You can see some of those photos in this post here. I liked the area so much so that I went back in the fall to see how the colours would dazzle me. Just a short four hour drive up north, near […]

Sakura season comes and goes

The blossoming of the sakura trees are always a good indication that Spring has sprung in the city. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to catch them at its full bloom on a sunny weekend afternoon. This year, I wasn’t so fortunate as I was pre-occupied all weekend long. Knowing well the peak had […]

Instagram Meetup

A little while ago before the snow came down, Toronto Instagrammers met up for a tour of the Evergreen Brickworks. Rather than capturing the meetup with my iPhone, I decided to take my dSLR for a spin, along with my newly acquired lens. The tour was an informative one, explaining the “green” concepts behind the […]


Camping in the outdoors is always refreshing. It’s even better when you’re right by the waters and have access to plenty of hiking trails nearby. Killarney, Ontario is just that kind of place. And at just a short 4 hour drive away from Toronto, it’s a perfect extended weekend getaway. Famous for its red rocks, […]

The National Gallery Goes B&W

The National Gallery of Canada in downtown Ottawa is filled with priceless works of art. But perusing through the gallery one summer day made me realize that the art inside isn’t the only thing to admire. The structure itself is quite unique and is filled with great photo opportunities for the budding photographer. It’s a […]

Market Fresh

Summer markets are a staple in most cities across the country. From fresh fruit to antiques and everything in between, people come and enjoy the experience of shopping outside in the summer heat. Walking along one market this past summer, I took some pictures of the summer colours. Enjoy these below.

The Encampment 2012

The Encampment is a Thomas+Guinevere Creation by Thom Sokoloski and Jenny McCowan. Displayed from June 8-24, 2012 in Toronto, and part of Luminato, the production is a “large-scale public participatory art installation.” For the Bicentennial Commemoration of the War of 1812, 200 tents were set up on the grounds of Fort York National Historic Site in Toronto, Ontario, each with […]

Diner en Blanc Toronto 2012

The inaugural Diner en Blanc Toronto saw nearly 1400 guests dressed in white, make their presence on the grounds of The Historic Fort York. Guests brought their own food (or, alternatively catered by Gourmet Cuisine), plates and utensils, white table and chairs, all the while cleaning up after themselves at the end of the evening. […]

Architecturally Ottawa

Ottawa is a fairly picturesque place with unique architecture like the National Gallery of Canada and the famous Chateau Laurier. Be sure to take in its surroundings while you walk this pedestrian-friendly city. To see my slideshow of Mosaika, click here!

TTC Construction Part II

Going back to the Queen and Spadina intersection to see if there were any other picture-worthy opportunities, I noticed most of the work had already been done. In retrospect, it was a good thing I went there a week earlier. It’s interesting to see that the TTC actually owns their own tractors and equipment. I […]

TTC Construction

A couple of weeks ago, the Toronto Transit Commission shut down the Queen and Spadina intersection in downtown Toronto, as well as, The Roof Clinic was in charge of fixing roof problems in some buildings around the street because they had drainage problems and it was affecting the pipes of the streets causing damages. To […]

In Lavender Fields

Walking by the harbourfront, I encountered some patches of lavender which gave off its all too familiar scent. There was enough of them for me to able to take some pictures with my wide angle. [singlepic id=49 w=900 h=900 float=center] [singlepic id=50 w=900 h=900 float=center] [singlepic id=51 w=900 h=900 float=center] [singlepic id=52 w=900 h=900 float=center]

Tiny World

It’s a small world out there. Pictures taken at the Etobicoke Ribfest and its surrounding area. I decided to do some faux tilt-shift effects on these images, making them look more like tiny model environments. Hope you like them! [singlepic id=34 w=900 h=900 float=center] [singlepic id=37 w=900 h=900 float=center] [singlepic id=35 w=900 h=900 float=center] [singlepic […]

Centennial Park Ribfest

It’s that time of year again! You know it’s summer when you hear the words “ribfest” through the pipeline. Although I’m no rib connoisseur, I do like a good rack (of rib!!!) now and then. The Etobicoke ribfest, being one of the larger ones in the GTA was my first stop this season—not that I go […]


There’s a condo for sale nearby, so I went inside to take a look at what it was all about. I took some pictures since I had my camera along with me. It has a spectacular view of the city, and is bright and spacious. Here’s some photos of each room. If you think you’d […]

Norah Jones comes back to Toronto

I went to see Norah Jones in concert today, and it was yet another fantastic showing from her. This being my fourth time seeing her live, has to be my second most favourite performance from her—The first spot goes to her very first concert in Toronto at the Palais Royale Ballroom, before she won all […]

Reigniting a passion

It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday that proved to be the perfect day for a photo walk. The inaugural 500px Toronto photo walk was welcomed by a few dozen photographers from all walks of life. Meeting at Yonge-Dundas Square, just outside the 500px headquarters, the brains behind the website gave us a chance to see […]

Vroom! Vroom! Honda Indy Toronto!

This weekend went by as quickly as the winner of the Honda Indy Toronto drove through the finish line. The three day event proved to be a big success for Toronto. Fitting for an event that is celebrating its 25th year.

Breakfast Television in Niagara Falls

I’ve always wanted to visit a live television show, just so I can see what happens in the background. Right now we are using top iptv service providers which is alot cheaper then cable. So this past weekend I took the chance to see one…live in Niagara Falls!

The greatest compliment

This year, I was fortunate enough to teach a photography workshop for Luminato’s youth outreach program. It’s a fun program where youths can meet with each other, get paired with mentors, and learn a little about photography, all the while enjoying the festivities of Luminato.

CanvasPop makes a great décor piece

I had the pleasure tonight of unpacking my canvaspop triptych that I ordered just last week. I didn’t know what to expect since I never printed any of my photos that large, let alone on a canvas board. I had a hard time trying to figure out which photo to use and I mulled over […]

First Impressions: Nokia N8

I recently got my hands on the newly released Nokia N8. Solely for evaluation purposes, I’ll be playing with its camera features for the next two weeks. More importantly, I hope to be doing some hands on comparison with my iPhone 4, just to see how it stands up with its competitor.

Review: DODOcase for iPad

After weeks of anticipation, I finally got my very own DODOcase. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a carrying case for your iPad that resembles the form of a Moleskin agenda. After a long period of time researching which case to get, I decided upon this one as it seemed […]

Colours more vibrant than ever this year

This year’s fall spectacle was nothing short of amazing. It might quite well be one of the best—in terms of fall colours—that I’ve seen in a very long, long time. Over the past little while, I’ve made the trek out to Algonquin Park and Huntsville, driving along the routes and stopping wherever I saw what […]


It was another scorching hot day, that didn’t help much for my already sunburned skin. However, it was a gorgious day for any golfer and was a perfect backdrop to the kick off to the RBC Canadian Open Championships, Mike Weir’s Charity Classic. The event features a round of golf with PGA players, amateur players, […]

Vroom, Vroom!

It was a beautiful day today: partly cloudy with plenty of sunshine. It was pretty much ideal conditions for outdoor activities, unless of course, you’re left standing out in the heat all day long for eight hours straight. Although all that heat was soaked in while I got to see first hand what all the […]

Interior décor

I visited a home not too long ago with several interesting things to take photos of. Little trinkets and pieces of décor scattered the living area here and there just waiting to be discovered. I know I missed several things still but with a lack of light, I was left limited to certain objects with […]


Taking a short break from work, I was reading up on the not-so-latest issue of Design Edge Canada Magazine, that I’ve always found interesting for the last several years. Reading up on real life designers in Canada and what they’ve been up to the last little while, or the latest design trends actually makes for […]

LuminaTO has begun!

Luminato It’s that time of year again when the arts and creativity comes to Toronto. As a third year veteran volunteer to the festival, this year I opted to be a mentor to the newly minted photography program for the youths. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into at the time of […]

Seagull in the city

The lone seagull stands on top of the city hall ledge of the upper walkway. Sometimes it’s just easier being a seagull. I came to city hall on Door’s Open day to see the green roof, but to my dismay it had closed by the time I arrived. I was left with no option but […]

A light affair

When you come here on a bright, sunny day, you can’t help but soak in the sunlight coming from the floor-to-ceiling windows that actually open up to the sidewalk and street. It’s a nice place to sip a cup of tea or coffee, eat a fine pastry, and ponder on what life brings you. Or, […]

Homemade apple pie

It’s a wonder why up to this day, I had never made a pie. I think it was always in my mind that it was something of a difficult task and I always shied away from it. Until now. I had bought some delicious looking Pink Lady apples from the grocer the other day. I […]

Door’s Open

One of the great things about Toronto in the summer (spring too) is that there are no shortages of things to do. Come (officially) summer, there is something to do every weekend, keeping everyone’s agenda busy, busy, busy. Just recently, Toronto had its door’s open, and I took this chance to see inside one of […]


I received an email today from someone by the name of SH. This wouldn’t be such a strange thing, had it not been that I just photographed a SH the other day. I thought it strange though, that she would email me; after all, I never really disclosed my email to her to begin with. […]


Do you remember that time when you showed your mom your accomplishment and she was so proud of you? So proud of all the hard work you put forth in making it happen? Maybe it was your first “A” on your math test. Your passing of your driver’s test. Or perhaps it was the acceptance […]

Business as usual in NYC

Coming back from a business trip to NYC to learn m ore about ichimoku cloud strategy, I realized something: as large a city it is, it is at the same time very tamable. It helped that I’ve been there before several times in the past. However, now that I was travelling about to different neighbourhoods […]

That’s one way of putting it

After Cheryl Bernard’s win at the finals in the Players’ Cup Championship, you can tell she was ecstatic with her 6-4 comeback win in the last end. After some quick hugs with her teammate, she exclamation of “holy shit!” caught people by surprise. Obviously happy with her team’s performance, I’m sure she was just happy […]

Why (my) teeth stain

I went to the dentist recently and asked him about my teeth stains and asked if I needed implants so I will go to my personal implants dentists specialister tandimplantat. In particular, there were two teeth that I was most concerned about. These weren’t your overall yellow tinging teeth stains mind you, but were more […]

Grinding away

So I went to a Chattanooga family dentist today for my 6 month checkup. It wasn’t my regular dental hygienist that treated me. My experience with her was in fact pretty good. I didn’t feel any pain, and she was rough and tough with my stains, yet gentle on my gums. I was so relaxed […]

It’s coming…

No, I didn’t mean the Apple iPad, nor the Nintendo DSi XL. I meant, spring temperatures! Or more like summer temperatures! By the end of the week, it’s predicted to be around the low 20s (Celsius), which is a stark contrast to the low single digits we’ve been having the last couple of weeks. I’m […]


I’ve recently been reignited in improving my photography skills once again. Now, more than ever, I’m interested in improving my location portrait photography skills. That is, portraits taken on-site, and not in a studio within a controlled environment. With my recent purchase of an SB-900, I feel like my portable studio is slowly getting more […]

Oh the horror.

I missed last week’s episodes of AI9 so I wasn’t aware that my first choice contestant was voted out. It’s actually quite sad since America never really saw what I saw in her. I still believe she has more talent than some of the remaining contestants, and with her unique styling, she can still go […]


I’ve been sick for the past several days and I am only now getting better. I would have thought taking my antibiotics would help improve my health a little more quicker than it is taking. Do you ever get the urge to do something that is completely different from what you normally do? I do. […]

Just in time

I come home late from work tonight and turn on the tube to watch the final 15min. of American Idol. To my pleasure, I find that the final two contestants to sing for the evening are in fact my two top choices in the entire competition. The second last singer of the evening was Crystal […]

American Idol Season 9

After a hiatus from watching this show (thanks to the Winter Olympics), I was able to see tonight’s episode where the girls got to perform their songs for the week. The day prior was the men’s version, of which I managed to see the first half. Honestly speaking, I have to say this year’s American […]

Post Olympics

My coworker asked me today why I hadn’t updated my blog in a while now. My response to him was, “I was occupied with the Olympics for the past two weeks.” To that, he responded, “So? You had nothing to do with the Olympics!” I had to laugh at that because admittedly, I had nothing […]

Okonomiyaki and a Yellow Tail

Tonight’s dinner was some great tasting Japanese pancakes, or otherwise known as okonomiyaki. With two variations on the plate tonight (one green onions, and one pork), it was a mighty tasting meal that satisfied my hunger. But with all this food, what was I to drink? I had opened a bottle of red the other […]

Happy Olympics-Chinese New Year-Valentine’s-Family weekend!

Some people will have noticed that this weekend you had a multitude of reasons to celebrate. With up to four things going on this weekend, there wasn’t a reason not to celebrate. Most people will know that the Olympics started on Friday February 12. Although some may not really care to celebrate this once-in-four-year event, […]

Baking the best bagels

While I’m no stranger to baking basic homemade bread, I’ve decided to go back to the basics again and learn things from square one. From the recommendation of my friend and online forums, I purchased Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (BBA). Even after reading just the introduction I was more inspired to bake something […]

Jamming to the tunes of the Beatles

I’ve been rocking out recently to the sweet tunes of the Beatles. That is, to Rockband, Beatles Edition on the XBox 360. I find it—more recently than ever—it to be a great stress reliever. Take today for example. After a full day of trying to meet the deadline, I snuck in a small jam session […]

Rental increase

I received a letter today from my landlord saying that they will increase my rent this year. I wouldn’t normally think twice about this letter because it comes every year, but this time it had something of note written on it. The increase was a whopping 5.4% from last year’s rate. So what, you ask? […]

Houston, we have a problem.

I have a problem. And I’m not afraid to admit it. With so many opportunities in life, it’s hard to want to focus on just one aspect of it. For example, although I’m a magazine designer by day, I enjoy other aspects of design, such as print, and photography. Furthermore, I find myself taking a […]


I had lamb today. I hadn’t had it in a long time so I was very welcomed to the idea of having it when my brother invited me over to his place. Lightly seasoned with sea salt, thyme, pepper, garlic, and other fine ingredients, it was a simple, yet satisfying meal. Complete with roasted vegetables […]


So I made some chlii tonight. I guess you can call it fitting, as it is quite cold outside with the windchill. In any case, tonight’s chili was a combination of my mother’s world-famous chili and the Joy of Cooking chili recipe, thrown in with a little bit of improvisation. Did I mention I used […]

In transit

It’s a brand new decade and things are pretty much back to the way things were in November of 2009, before the Christmas spirit. The winter season has definitely come with full force causing havoc to the local commute. Within the first week of the new year, there were already two or three consecutive days […]

Yay for my first post of the year!

The first blog entry of the year is brought to you by the fine folks at Ommwriter. This is a neat little program that I found not too long ago that lets you focus on what you’re supposed to be doing: writing. Geared towards writers, bloggers, and those who get easily distracted when writing anything, […]

Last post of the year!

This year has gone by fairly quickly with so many things happening. Too much to sum up, and so much I’ve wanted to write about. It seems every year I always tell myself that I will stop neglecting my blog. However every day work and life has caught the best of me as I try […]

The Island of Misfit Toys

It was a blast from the past as I had the TV on during dinner time and I see Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on. It has to have been several years since I last saw this. So long ago that I didn’t even remember the Island of Misfit Toys. Bringing back old memories of […]

Meeting The Chef

It’s not everyday when you get a chance to photograph someone who’s been deemed, the best chef in America. So when a dear foodie friend of mine asked me if I wanted to—only if I wanted to—take his picture, I naturally jumped at the chance to do so. When we first introduced ourselves to him, […]

What to do with a sore throat.

Apart from the holiday season that is upon us (north of the border, that is), the flu season has also crept up with full force. With all this talk about the flu and H1N1 immunization, what really is the best thing to do? I write this as I had to stay home from work because […]

The guilt of a spill

I was on my way home from work, riding the bullet one evening, when the train happened to brake abruptly. With no warning, people lost balance, swayed as they hung on the rails for dear life, or were simply annoyed. One girl, however, standing in front of me, had the worst of them all, as […]

That perfect moment.

Just the other day my coworkers and I were talking about a perfect moment. You know. When you get that feeling where everything around you is just right, with not a care in the world. And even if you do have that lingering fear of work piling up on you, or the stress of something […]

Lost under the sack

So I get ready to head out the door this morning only to find that my monthly metropass is nowhere to be found on the side table next to the front door where I normally put it everyday after I come home from work. I thought for a while, looked around the area but came […]

A typical day in Toronto

Today was a rather interesting day with many things on the go. After leaving work, I volunteered for TIFF yet again. This time, however, I was at a new venue, at Elgin Theatre. The theatre captain was pretty laid back and was pleasant to work with. I suppose this is why a lot of people […]

The uncomparable Oprah

My second TIFF shift at Roy Thomson Hall proved to be a much more enjoyable experience, despite not being able to see the film. I was fortunate enough to be picked to volunteer within the “main” area of the venue, which pretty much meant inside the venue where the stage and seats were. At the […]

TIFFing it up

So today was the first day of my volunteering at TIFF. I chose to help out at the AMC theatre. I was given the task of handing out the viewer’s choice voting forms to all the people coming in the theatre. As I got my rhythm going, I just kept handing them out as soon […]

CNE-back after all these years

I went to the CNE for probably the first time since my high school years. It’s been so long ago that I can’t even remember. In any case, it was fun. All those carnival rides and games brought back old memories of when I used to ride them myself. I didn’t ride any of the […]

A happy couple

I recently went to a post-wedding karaoke celebration of a friend of mine. It was fun, primarily because of the couple. Him: I’ve always thought of him as one of the friendliest guys I know. Ever since meeting him about four or five years ago, I’ve noticed how he magnetically attracts people from all angles. […]

Mish mash but not much splash

Before I knew it the month of August had slipped by, just like that. I really don’t know where it went, let alone what I did during that month. With the CNE in full swing, the US Open wrapped up, the smell of school starting is just around the corner. Although these last couple of […]

Miss Universe 2009: Bahamas

The Miss Universe pageant just ended and I happened to catch the last half with the final interview question. I’m not sure if it was just me, but I felt like only 2 of the 5 finalists actually answered the judges questions with an appropriate answer. Of course it doesn’t help that 3 of the […]

Meeting a champion

As I sit at my desk, I hear the alarm of the front door buzz its ever-so monotonous buzz. The door opens, and I hear footsteps coming up. “Hi, I’m Monica,” I hear coming from the other side of the room. “Monica?” I think to myself. Monica who? But then it hits me. As I […]

Taste of the Danforth

Taste of the Danforth—for one reason or another—is one of Toronto’s most popular festivals. Bringing in a crowd of over 1 million, the festival draws people from all around, to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Greek culture that thrives in eastern Toronto. Despite the wicked weather forecast for this weekend, I was quite […]

The Bachelorette Finale

Watching the conclusion of the Bachelorette just proved that it’s all silliness. After letting go Kipton and making her feelings known to the world that she is ready for Ed, the producers allow Reid, one of the past contestants, to come back on the show and to let him express how he feels. It’s like […]

Fumbling towards the ground

On my way home from work the other day, something that normally doesn’t happen to me, happened to me. Listening to my iPod and walking about, minding my own business, I was walking down some steps towards the subway platform when I noticed that the subway was already there with its doors open. Seeing as […]

Letting one go

I’m on my way home on the subway, listening to my iPod and minding my own business. The subway isn’t as packed as usual, but there is someone standing next to me, also listening to her music gizmo of choice. The commuters are quiet, yet talk amongst themselves. It’s always hard to find something to […]

Scratch and win (and scan) OLG tickets

These past few weeks, OLG has been advertising that their new lottery tickets now have an additional security feature that prevents fraudulent activity. Instant lottery tickets now have an additional section on the ticket, allowing you to scratch that area and scan it yourself to see if you are indeed a winner. Does anyone else […]

What’s wrong with the bachelorette?

Every Monday I find myself working at the computer with the TV on in the background. I’m not normally the TV watcher and merely turn it on for the sake of having some background noise, but each week for the past few weeks now, I have been accustomed to tuning into The Bachelorette on CityTV. […]

Falling elevator

I have often wondered about this myself as I live on the 23rd floor of a relatively old apartment building. If the elevator were to fall when I am inside, what exactly can I do to minimize my injury, or death for that matter. The thought of jumping up right before it reaches the bottom […]

Passing away

It’s been a pretty busy week this week. First with the passing away of Farrah Fawcett after she had succumbed to the wrath of cancer, and now today, just hours earlier, the death of Michael Jackson, the best selling male artist in history, selling more than 750 million albums worldwide. It was a rather surprising […]

Living in a Manufactured Landscape

To conclude photography month here in Toronto, TVO aired a documentary on Edward Burtinsky and his tales on what he encountered as he captured the world with a different perspective. His notion of manufactured landscape deals with how we as human beings live in a life that we have literally manufactured. With ever growing cities, […]

Depart from Departures.

So I just finished watching this show on TV called Departures. A show where two Canadians, Justin and Scott – and their trusty cameraman – travel to various countries and experience all that the country has to offer. This episode just happened to be Japan, so I just had to see what these two were […]

Ears still plugged

After a long absence from my blog, I am happy to say that I have returned. Coming back from a recent trip to Thailand, Hong Kong, and Macau, I had a blast as I travelled to far off places, ate food that my stomach didn’t agree with, attended my brother’s wedding, and did a myriad […]

Photoshop CS4 vs. Lightroom 2 vs. Aperture 2 vs. Capture One

While doing some post-processing on a shoot that I did recently, I noticed something interesting that I thought I should share. Depending on the program of choice for post-processing, the images changed in their quality, some quite significantly. I had to do a doubletake since I didn’t believe the difference can be so dramatic, but […]

My P&G brand sampler package has arrived!

So I received my P&G brand sampler package in the mail today. Yay! It must have been a month or so ago that I filled out what I wanted online. I had completely forgotten about this so it was a pleasant surprise to come home to a small package that contained: 50ml travel-sized bottles of […]

A Civil Ceremony

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day today as the sun was shining brightly, the blue sky was everywhere, and a brisk wind was apparent. My brother and fiancé decided to wed today at Markham’s Civic Centre in order to get logistics straightened out before having a ceremonial wedding in Thailand next month. It […]

A little agitated

So today I made it a point to make a phone call to Malaysia on a land line so I can cancel my flight that I had booked incorrectly, and then re-book my flight with the correct itinerary. I figured phoning from a land line would make a better connection than using my cell phone. […]

How to brush your teeth

I had a dentist appointment today. It was for my 6 month cleaning. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as it had in previous years. Thanks to my regular flossing of course. She made it sound though, that these stains were pretty excessive, even with drinking one cup of coffee a day. I told her […]

Grano: a great retreat

I had the interesting pleasure of photographing an event that happened at an Italian restaurant on Yonge Street the other day. Grano, as they called it, has been open for 23 years now, and is still going strong. With its homey and welcoming decor, this was a restaurant that made you want to stay and […]

At last!

It took a very, very long time, but I finally did it. After what probably accumulated to months and months of pondering and thinking, I went ahead and purchased a small but respectable light stand and umbrella from B&H Photo Video in the states. It’s really nothing much, and is relatively inexpensive (safe for the […]

AJAX and JQuery and CSS oh my!

Whilst doing research for updating my blog and website, I come across several options that I am utterly overwhelmed at what I should be doing. From various animated options and quick scripts that will for sure boost my site into a more interactive one, I am just not sure of what to do at this […]

“I teach manners too, chef.”

As I watch the fifth season’s premier of Hell’s Kitchen (with Gordon Ramsay), I see how Gordon treats his 16 hopefuls as they present him with their respective signature dishes. Starting off on a good note, it ends with a sour note as one of the hopefuls tells Gordon, after throwing out the food that […]

What to theme my blog

Week after week, day after day, and hour after hour, for the life of me, I could not think of what to do in terms of redesigning my blog. Coming up with mildly entertaining inspirations, I was never quite satisfied with what my limited options brought me. The regular wordpress themes that are available in […]

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa

This weekend was a baby-filled weekend for me. It started off with seeing my friend’s less than 2 year old. He is always so fun to be around, especially now-a-days when he runs around the room and has learned to communicate with adults via baby hand signals. He understands select commands and that evening when […]

The day after

Arriving at 9pm, I was quickly taken upstairs to the tenth floor of the building where there were already 5 other people occupying their respective rooms. A quick tour of the floor showed me the shower, bathroom, and my own personal room for the night, complete with an IKEA Pöang chair, and a flatscreen TV […]

Sleep survey here I come!

I’m on way to a sleep survey now and am wondering what will happen to me tonight. While I’ve seen videos of what happens to you during these surveys, it’s still an odd feeling to be connected to all these devices while you try and get your peaceful sleep. My hope is that I still […]

Moving on…

In the next little while I will be jumping ship. Not literally of course. I’m talking about switching my website hosting provider. It all started in 1996 (or was it 1997? Who knows!) when I got my own domain. I went with a small web hosting provider in the US called Truehost Networks. It had […]

Eva Solo can.

Who can make a plain bowl with handle look so elegant and functional? Eva Solo can. Who can make a media holder look so cool, functional, and efficient? Eva Solo can. Who can make a knife magnet look like one of the best looking things in your kitchen? Eva Solo can. With a myriad of […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to those that read this! It was a pleasant day to start off 2009. We all woke up to a traditional Japanese breakfast, osechi ryouri, that I had bought the previous day at J-Town. At $38 per plate, it was an expensive breakfast – but much cheaper than from others. With a […]

Lasagna Truffles

I was a little ambitious today. Waking up in the morning, I thought that I could complete my to do list that had only four main things to do for the day: 1) Laundry, 2) Grocery Shopping, 3) Make tonight’s dinner, which I decided to be lasagna, and 4) Make two different types of truffles. […]

Gettin’ Old…

So I was walking down the stairs at my work today, holding a pizza box from Pizza Hut, wanting to dig in so much as it was a late lunch. Normally walking down the steps are not a problem for me. Really. But today was something different. Not doing anything really different than usual, I […]

My vision comes to a reality

A while ago I mentioned that I was in charge of redesigning an office space. Up until tonight, I had only picked the colours and materials but had never seen the final product. Today, although the space had yet to be completely finished, was the first time I had a glimpse of what my vision […]

2007 fuZion – Shiraz-Malbec

fuZion Shiraz-Malbec Mendoza, Argentina, 2007 Recently, the Argentinian shiraz-malbec, fuzion, has been causing quite the stir. It’s simple note, not too fruity, and dry aftertaste has made this wine a great casual drinking wine, especially at a price of only $7.25. I’ve heard and read about this wine that I decided to try this out […]

I’m a winner!

LOL… On my way home from work today, I got a rather unusual phone call. The phone call, coming from a RESTRICTED phone number, started off by an Indian-accented gentleman, very eager to make an appointment with me, telling me that I my ballot with my phone number was chosen, and that I was guaranteed […]

Sleep tight!

You learn a few interesting things by watching Breakfast Television in the mornings. Just the other day they informed me of this website: www.bedbugregistry.com. The site essentially lists, by geographical location, if your apartment or abode has been infected by the notorious bed bugs. Recently in Toronto, there have been an overwhelming number of incidents […]

Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

So I’m watching this TV show that’s been on before, only this time it’s a new episode. I hear several magicians are pretty upset at this television show for obvious reasons. And they have every reason to be, since this show pretty much tells it all. The host of the show is masked to hide […]

Dumb as a bag full of hammers!

Although we all know 680 news is supposed to be unbiased, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle today as I heard the traffic reporter say, “you drivers are dumb as a bag full of hammers…” as he saw some car do something idiotic on the highway. I noticed that on occasion, he would […]

William Ashley Warehouse Sale

With all the hoopla surrounding the William Ashley annual warehouse sale, I decided to take the plunge and see what the fuss was all about this year. Since about two years ago, my coworkers have been raving about it at this time of the year. All I’ve ever heard was that the line-ups were always […]

Me… an Interior Designer?

Lately I’ve been absent from my day job, trying to pursue my lifelong lost dream of becoming the world’s finest interior designer. Ok, well maybe that’s not entirely true, but it is true that I have been involved in designing the new office space for my day job. It may sound pretty simple and all, […]

Farmer’s Market

I was excited to find out recently that there was a farmer’s market relatively close to where I live. I wondered why I had never heard of it before until now. So this morning, I made it a point to go check it out. Fortunately it was only a stone’s throw away from my apartment […]

Root Canal

It’s not a sharp pain. It’s more of a waning pain that lingers on and strengthens in a sinusoidal wave. And it hurts big time. That’s when you know you have something wrong with your teeth. As my luck would have it, it had to come at a time when I was undergoing another life-changing […]

Why can’t I win the lottery?

Some week and a half ago I came to a realization that I would be prepared to do something, and would have no regrets doing it what-so-ever. Without getting into too much detail, I looked at what was going on with my life at the present moment and checked to see how things were going […]

Only the best will do.

With appetizers consisting of duck, rack of lamb, plump, juicy dumplings, and veggie rolls wrapped in rice paper, there’s no doubt this was one gathering of high stature. Oh, and don’t forget the open bar. Before attending, I was told the house was equipped with 16 bathrooms. “16 bathrooms? How big can this place be?” […]

One day at a time.

There are certain things in life you just can’t avoid, and then there are certain things in life that you just take one day at a time. Both things – for better or for worse – are happening to me right now. Needless to say these are two very life-changing events in my life and […]

Closed Note

Closed Note 2007, 138 min. Starring Takeuchi Yuko, Sawajiri Erika, and Iseya Yusuke. A melodramatic story of a college student living vicariously through a notebook left behind by the former tenant of the apartment she lives in. The movie begins rather slowly with seemingly no evident purpose to its production other than to follow the […]

Sandylion: May 2006 – July 17, 2008

Sandylion: May 2006 – July 17, 2008 I woke up this morning only to find that my dear Sandylion Betta fish had passed away overnight. It was sudden with no warnings or signs. It was a little suspicious that he didn’t immediatly swim towards me when it was time for me to feed him yesterday, […]

Hungry Man

I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from work today. I did a fair amount of shopping, including some dinner food for the next couple of days. Passing by the aisles I noticed the Hungry Man frozen foods on sale for $2.00. I thought to myself, “oh, this looks like a pretty […]

Art of Jazz vs. Luminato

Today marked my first day of volunteering for the Luminato festival. It was both educational and entertaining. Backtracking a week to last weekend, I volunteered at the Art of Jazz festival held at the Distillery District. It was my fourth year volunteering for this festival and as always, it proved to be a fun time. […]

On my way home…

It was a gorgeous night with little humidity, brisk wind, and no precipitation at all. So I tested my luck today and tried walking home from downtown Toronto. Starting off from Varsity Arena at St. George and Bloor, I made the trek slowly but surely along Bloor street heading towards the Danforth area. It was […]

Settling in

After moving locations and settling in, I am only now realizing how much junk I had accumulated over the years. Further, I also now realize that there are so many small things that I still need to purchase. When you’re starting from scratch again, it’s hard to get your things organized so quickly. Although I […]

Spring has sprung!

So I tried hard to see how long I could go without updating my blog. Well, not really. As it turns out, the longer I neglected my blog, the more comments I started to get from my friends asking me what happened to it, and the more likely it was that my blog got hacked […]

A new chapter

This past friday marked the last day of work for me at Trader Corp. as a Graphic Designer and Prepress Artist, and I have to say, it was one of my more memorable goodbyes as I made my rounds around the office bidding farewell to those that I may never see again. As everyone was […]

I have converted… to a Mac!

After so many years of using a PC, after so many times telling people that I will forever stick with a PC, after so much effort in actually believing that PCs were in fact more superior, I have finally switched over. I think it was more of a surprise for others to find out that […]


These past few weeks have been a pinnacle one for me in terms of my life path. Searching deep inside of me, I wondered what it is that I really wanted, what it is that was truly important to me, and what it is that I am capable of handling at this stage in my […]

Black Friday… in Canada?

With all the hype about Black Friday this year, I have to say I got a little carried away and almost made some choices that I may or may not have regretted later on. Now that the Canadian dollar is at par with the U.S., it is very tempting to go shopping in the States, […]

Reel Asian Film Festival is calling me…

So I’ve been asked to volunteer as a photographer for the Real Asian Film Festival once again. I did it last year for its big 10th anniversary year and I have to say, it was a fun time. Running around with camera in hand, taking pictures of guests, directors, producers, industry experts and the like. […]

I should have known…

I wake up to a bright, sunny, fall day. The air is fresh, the day is clear from any worries, I start a anew as I took the day off from work. Knowing well I had a number of errands to run, I was determined to get them all done. And so my day began… […]

A new car story

I recently started a new chapter in my life as I purchased my first new vehicle. It’s quite exciting really. Even though I don’t have it yet, I can feel the excitement in the air once I go and pick it up… that is if I ever get that chance. Due to unforeseen circumstances with […]

Beauty and the Geek

So I caught the first 10 minutes of the first episode of Beauty and the Geek today. At first I didn’t know what I was watching. And then it dawned on me. Seeing a professionaly Betty Boop, a girl proud of her $8000 boob job, a girl who can’t add, a girl who just wants […]

All-nighter leads to getting stopped by the police

This past weekend I tried to be young again. I opted to do an “all-nighter” by staying up all night and driving in and around the downtown core seeing if I could take any nice photos. I actually thought I would be fine doing this. In particular, I was interested in getting some empty streetscape […]

Court-wide garage sale a big success

After days of cleaning out the basement, suffering from dust allergies, throwing away memories and/or deciding on whether to sell them for cheap, our garage sale came to an end today. By the way, insta garage door experts of southern California provides residential and commercial garage door sales, installation, services, and repairs. You can also […]

Amy says, “let’s get married.”

So, Amy at work proposed to me today. And I accepted. Elisa overhears our conversation and to her surprise tries to clarify the situation, “Did I just hear Amy propose to Taku?” Amy brushes it off as if it’s no big deal, “yeah, that’s right. It’s only out of convenience and nothing else.” Elisa readjusts […]

Always an optimist, never a pessimist.

Well, not quite. I’ve always been the optimist type, thinking of the positive side of things. But lately it seems like I’ve been thinking rather pessimistically whether its work or personal related. I realize this only to not really do much about it other than think to myself that I once was an optimist. Nonetheless, […]

Why it’s so silly to shop in Toronto

I went over across the border this past weekend in what was a much anticipated road trip for me. I hadn’t gone away in a long time and this little mini-vacation with my friends was exactly what my soul needed. A friend of ours is studying medicine in Syracuse, NY so we went to visit […]

A tastier Taste of the Danforth

The annual Taste of the Danforth draws more than a million people throughout its three day event. This year was no different with tents lining either side of the Danforth, each one trying to get people to buy their quails, souvlaki, chicken skewers, or other tasty treats. This year I went to the festival with […]

Futureshop is a joke

For a while now I’ve been meaning to set up a wireless home network. I’ve just been caught up in so many things that I haven’t had the time to actually go out and buy a wireless router. I also need to be able to print from my network, which means I need a print […]

Inside the Apple store

I went to Yorkdale Mall the other day where I did some much needed shopping. I stepped into the Apple store because isn’t that a mandatory stop for people like me? On my way in, I noticed two young girls hovering over the iMacs. They were giggling. They were laughing. They were making faces. I […]

A kid again.

I was sitting in the back seat of my dad’s car today and that’s when all of a sudden it felt like I was a kid again. Driving beside a Mississauga transit bus, we were going the same speed. I looked outside the window where I could see the passengers and what they were doing […]

Inspiration from abroad

Every now and then I encounter a brief moment of inspiration that makes me want to better myself. It is these moments when I’m happy to have my own little world to express what it is I’m thinking at that moment. Tonight I came across a blog of a virtual friend of mine. Virtual in […]

Transformers vs. Ratatouille

While I am a self-proclaimed non-movie addict, it wouldn’t seem so this past weekend as in the past 4 days, I’ve seen two movies in the theatre. That’s a lot for me. First we have Ratatouille. The wonderful rat animation by Disney and Pixar about a rat in Paris who becomes a chef of a […]

The Art of Jazz

This weekend I volunteered for the Art of Jazz festival held at the Distillery District. This year marks my third year in a row volunteering for this fun event, only this time my roles were less “work” related but actually more fun. The first night I was scheduled to be at the box office at […]

An overview…

So it seems like I’ve been absent for a while, and in a way I have. Still physically here in Toronto, but I suppose that’s about all I can say. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been a little recluse lately, not doing a whole lot and staying just a little closer to […]

After all these years…

Every year we keep saying to each other “we should meet up.” Every year goes by without actually meeting. Last year we came really close as I set up a meeting at a restaurant. The only problem was, that restaurant closed down and so we never met up. This year we decided to give it […]

Saturday May 5, 2007

It was a day full of pleasant surprises today. And what better day to have it all than a day like today, with the sun shining, the brisk wind blowing, and the the clear blue sky. It was a great day to celebrate my birthday. After attending my last Mandarin class of the year – […]

Baaaa vs. Ruff! Ruff!

I heard a rather funny story today. Too funny that I can’t believe some people would think of this scheme to begin with. Apparently buying dogs off the Internet is a popular thing to do for Japanese people. It is supposedly cheaper than buying it at your local store. While I don’t know which site […]


So I just joined this Facebook phenomenon after all these months of resisting to do so despite all the invites I’ve been getting. It’s actually kind of interesting, more so than other Social Media Company networks like Friendster and Yahoo 360 and Vox because you are able to search for long lost friends with great […]

Everybody’s changing…

For the next little while I’ll be doing some major changes to this website. As you can see, I’ve already changed the front template of my blog – additional changes will still be made, like a more prominent link back to the homepage! Within time, I will be revamping my entire site, which means a […]

$834.24 later…

My 1997 Honda Civic seems to be driving… well, not too noticeably better. It sounds a little deeper as I accelerate, and now I actually hear this deep cyclical whooshing sound as I apply the brakes; something I am hoping will go away as I drive this more. It was a painful maintenance today but […]

RCMP is not always high and mighty

As I watched the evening news tonight, an interesting documentary appeared on the CBC news. Its focus was centered around two homocides in British Columbia that happened several years ago between two rural cities about 3 hours apart form each other. The common link between these cases were the fact that an RCMP officer was […]

Imperial Circus of China

I just came back from Casinorama where I saw the Imperial Circus of China perform their little performance. It quite an interesting show tonight as it was my first time stepping foot in Casinorama and seeing these acrobats in action. It was quite an impressive performance in my book as the show ran about 1.5 […]

…and two days later

Only two days after I had announced my friend’s birth of little Jion, my coworker this afternoon happily announced that she is now 2 months pregnant! Before telling me in the lunchroom she was soo happy and giddy as if she couldn’t wait to tell me some news. I had naturally guessed in my mind […]

Jion comes out!

It was a gorgious feeling day today as it hit the double digit plus side for the first time in months. While I couldn’t thoroughly enjoy it during the day as I was at work, I made the best of it on my commute home as I sped along the 401, windows open, music blaring. […]

Getting a haircut beside Mr. Kaneff

I went to get a haircut yesterday at my usual hair stylist, since my hair grew way too much with the black castor oil. John is an old man probably in his late 60s. He’s a Turkish who resided in Bulgaria and often tells me how it was when he was living there. This time […]

Sick at home

So it’s a fairly beautiful sunny Saturday today and I’m lucky enough to be stuck at home with the cold. I really don’t feel like venturing out there today although I did earlier plans to go downtown. I may just have to pass and hope that tomorrow will be better for me. It’s nearing March, […]

A close call on Valentine’s Day

I was talking with my coworker this morning on how I had not seen an accident first hand before. As she was explaining the accident that she had seen the other night, I thought to myself, I wonder what I would have done in a situation like that. Well, now I know. Only a few […]


That was the time I saw when I woke up this morning. At first I wasn’t sure of what I was seeing. I thought, “is that 8:10 or 9:10 on my clock?” As I came to the realization that it was indeed 10 after nine, I darted out of my bed and began my morning […]

Deal or No Deal Canada

So I’m watching Deal or No Deal Canada right now. The second contestant ever in Canada is this RCMP called Teresa, a short, Asian lady that I swear must be high on something. She is just going bananas over this game as she screams, shouts, kicks, points, and raises the roof after each suitcase she […]

Cell phones in North America

I don’t understand why cell phone companies in North America don’t come up with more fun colours than your everyday black or grey colours. Is it so hard to create a red, green, blue, white, or any other coloured phone for that matter? This thought extends beyond cell phones and is also a wonder to […]

From coffee to coral reefs to Norah Jones

Ok, so that last post wasn’t really today. I had written that a couple weeks ago but for some reason or another it wasn’t posted. So we’ve recently been hit with a pile of snow. It’s about time I say. Already at the end of January – which is another story altogether – and so […]

A Mars bar a day…

I had a Mars bar today. It was the first time I had this chocolate bar in years. I stopped eating chocolate bars long time ago and to this day I don’t even know why. I suppose it was just a natural progression to growing up. haha… It was very sweet. As I was eating […]

A goal to work towards

So it’s been a while. Maybe not a great way to start off the new year if one of my resolutions was to maintain a steady posting schedule for my blog. Luckily for me it wasn’t. A lot has happened these past few weeks, for which I am grateful for. As I sit here at […]

From Iceland to fighting knights

From an Icelandic adventure with my family to fighting knights in a medieval maze, that’s where I went to last night.It was truly a unique dream, and surely one that I have no idea what it may mean to me – if anything. I remember how it started. My mother, brother and I went to […]

Sleepless with Vigor

There’s a scene in the movie Sleepless in Seattle that came to thought the other day. It’s when the little boy calls up the radio station’s host to ask for advice for his father. Although I don’t have a recollection of what the host said, it’s her tone of voice that stuck in my mind. […]

Happy New Year to All!

Osechi Ryouri I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve last night. Despite the rainy weather here in Toronto, it was a nice one for me spent with my friends and the ones whom I care for the most. I learned something about myself last night thanks to… well, you know who you […]

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas this year and hope that you all have a safe holiday. Please spend it with the ones that mean the most to you, and eat merrily! I look forward to meeting up with you all again in 2007. Lots of things happened this past year and […]

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Less than 14 days left before Christmas and for some reason, I’m not feeling that holiday spirit just yet. I’m not sure why, and I really don’t know if I’ll actually get into it this holiday year. Not much has changed since years past so it’s a wonder why I’m feeling the way I am. […]

Stupid move

I was stopped at a red light waiting for it to turn green. I noticed two lanes to my left that there was a police officer. So, I figured everybody will be on their best behaviour along this road. Once the light turned green, the cars slowly starting moving forward except for the one in […]

Reel Asian Film Festival

Over the past week or so, I’ve been volunteering as a photographer to the Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival. I did this out of whim as a friend of mine who is on the Board of Directors mentioned the festival to me in case I was interested in seeing any of the screenings. As […]

Just for laughs indeed

It’s been one week already since my last update. My how time flies by quickly. Since then I’ve done a number of things, which include going to a Just For Laughs festival comedy tour and watching the Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival that just ended today. Both of these I was fortunate enough to get […]

I’m recognized

Things seem to always come in spurts. Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive gift certificates for several occasions. While I normally don’t get anything, all of a sudden I’ve been able to enjoy these added perks. What’s even better is that as of late, my photography skills have been noticed. Just in this past […]

A walk. A move. A dinner.

So I made my way to downtown Toronto today, skipping my weekly Mandarin classes because that is getting too unproductive lately. I strolled around downtown enjoying the cool weather and the crowdedness of Eaton Centre and its surrounding areas. I was finally able to see the new Canadian Tire and Best Buy, which I’ve always […]

An envelope full of goodies

I get home today to find an envelope addressed to me and stuffed to the brim with something. I look at the logo on the top left corner of the letter-sized envelope and immediately know what this is all about. The logo was that of Standard Radio. I open the envelope to see what was […]