Watching events from above

Event watchers

As the warmer weather approaches the city, more and more people spend their times outdoors. That only means, more photos to be taken! While I only do a select number of events and festivals throughout the year, it’s always this time of year when things start to get busy little by little. For those of […]

That one moment when you're glad you woke up at 5am.

Love where you are

Sometimes you get so stuck in the moment that you just keep doing what you’ve been doing all along. One morning while I was heading to the park, I decided last minute to go somewhere different for a change. I looked around for another vantage point and eventually ended up here. I had to walk […]


As a freelance photographer and print designer based in Toronto, this is my honest-to-goodness blog on photography and design, where I hope to provide you with some insight and thoughts on what I’ve come across throughout the course of my work in both industries.

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 Fogged morning sunrise over Lake Ontario taken with my iPhone. For a version taken with my Nikon, see my other account @theSmaku and notice how different the two are! For those of you who are interested in documentary films, I have a few festival passes I'm giving away to this year's Hot Docs festival. If you want one, feel free to comment below, or on my website. These passes will give you access to all regular festival screenings. Festival runs from April 23-May 3. If there's a lot of people interested, I will just pick people randomly.
 Hey everyone! This morning's sunrise was a little cold and windy. The sun rose just beside the CN Tower, but still gave a nice colour palette to the sky, which contrasted the choppy waves of Lake Ontario.
 Hey everybody! For those of you who expressed interest in tomorrow's sunrise shoot, I've posted all the details on my website at (link in profile). I have a map of where to park and meet, including the shooting spot we will be at in case you arrive a little late. I'll be waiting in the parking lot until 6am, at which point I will make my way towards the shooting spot with whomever is there with me. It is also quite chilly in the morning still so dress warm. Just a note that it may look like the sun will rise a little beside the CN Tower tomorrow, but I can't be sure until it happens. The app that I use was a little off in its predictions this morning so I'm not sure how accurate it will be for tomorrow's. Nonetheless, there will be stellar shooting opportunities there as the weather looks great. Once the sun rises, the fog starts to settle in making for another set of great photo opportunities, so we can expect to be there until about 7:15am, at which point we can take a walk around the park where I'm sure there will be more shooting opportunities. When: Sunday, April 19, 2015 Where: Be at the parking lot of Humber Bay Park East by 6am. We leave for the shooting spot at 6am sharp. Parking is free. The sun will rise above the horizon at approx. 6:29am. It will take about 10min. to walk to the spot. We will be perched on top of large rocks so be careful, especially in the dark. Bring a flashlight or headlight if you have one. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post and I'll answer as soon as I can. Thanks, and hope to see you there!
 This sunset photo was taken at the same park we'll be heading to this Sunday morning for our Sunrise shoot. This park's a great place for photos all day long.
 Gorgeous view at sunset. We can visit here on Sunday too.
 I'm never alone in the mornings. I scouted the spot where I'll be this Sunday morning and it looks great. There's an opening to get in there-the only downside is, we'll be shooting on top of rocks! See my previous pictures if you'd like to join in on this special sunrise shoot.