We are becoming a selfie nation.

We are becoming a selfie nation

With more and more people having access to mobile devices and cameras, the thought of holding a stick in front of you and posing is slowly becoming the norm. We see it everywhere now: on the streets, at home, in the office, up on top of mountains, roof tops, in the ocean, and anywhere else […]

Who I follow on Periscope

Who I like to follow on Periscope

Periscope for Android devices just came out yesterday, so it’s only a matter of time that the app gets inundated with more broadcasters doing interesting (and not-so-interesting) things. This list was a long-time coming, and since I broadcasted it out yesterday, I’ve had some requests to put it online, so here it is! It’s changed […]

Nikon D800, 1/320 sec., f/6.3, ISO 400, 24mm

Silhouette by the sunset

When you’re faced with taking a photo against the sun, you’re subjects will no doubt be in the shadows. If you can’t do a whole lot with where the sun is in your frame, work with it until you get a pleasing image. I intentionally took this photo so that the foreground would be in the […]


Harbourfront walk

I took a morning stroll today by the harbourfront, giving my Periscope viewers a small glimpse of Toronto. While I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures from the stroll, I leave you with these photos that I had taken and posted a while ago. These are taken from all the places that I […]


As a freelance photographer and print designer based in Toronto, this is my honest-to-goodness blog on photography and design, where I hope to provide you with some insight and thoughts on what I’ve come across throughout the course of my work in both industries.

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 Sunbathing on red rocks. Ouch.
 Meet Jessica (@jachan25_)! I came across Jessica's feed many years ago and liked her travel photos that she posted. It wasn't until recently that we finally met in person—naturally, I had her pose with my rainbow umbrella for my #postMoreUmbrellaPortraits series. Jessica splits her time between Toronto and Panama, where she is a project manager amongst other hats in the real estate development industry. She loves to travel and spend her times outdoors—with the Scarborough Bluffs (where this photo was taken) and Tobermory being two of her favourite places in Ontario. She joined @instagram and loves to view everyday scenes that we may take for granted but get noticed by other people around the world. It's opened her eyes to so many new places—places no doubt she would love to travel to. Jessica will be in Toronto for the next little while so she's now more eager than ever to explore the city and meet new people. Make sure you say  to her on her account, and in a future meetup!
 All these lines! Let's chat: Anyone notice the comments now automatically update without a refresh? It's like a chat session now.
 So much green can only mean one thing: so much pollen! Hey everyone! My photo I posted yesterday of the jet skiers is up for the photo of the week over at @torontotravels! Please head over there and like my photo to make it the photo of the week! Much appreciated!
 So this happened the other day while I was at Scarborough Bluffs Park. Lucky I had my cameras ready at the time. Always be prepared for the unexpected! More photos to come on my blog soon.
 The @romtoronto is a great place for photography. Now, had I known this earlier! Thanks to @thegoldiek and team for putting together another fun @torontoclicks event on Friday!