Product Review: Sleeklens Workflow

One of the best things about post-processing may also be the worst thing about it. We have so many choices these days—which is great—but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can easily get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices you have in front of you.

Abstract Vision

What is your definition of abstract photography? Is it simply photographing something that we don’t recognize? Or perhaps does it need to be blurry for it to be considered abstract? Whatever your definition may be, it’s something that I have become interested in from about two years ago. I later found out though, that making an […]

Blachford Lake Lodge

Blachford Lake Lodge While planning my trip to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, I thought it would be nice to supplement my camping itinerary with a little bit of pampering—after all, we were celebrating our fifth anniversary and wanted to make this trip a little more memorable. After searching online through countless pages of things to do and places […]


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 How can a single stone be so calming to your soul?  It's Friday! Whatever you choose to do this weekend, be sure to make a splash doing it.
 Colourful sunrises are coming slowly but surely! If you've been following me on my Stories, you'll know this was from yesterday. From my home, all I saw were clouds. But upon coming closer to the park, I saw some of the most vivid colours along the horizon—and it only got better during blue hour! Finally able to add something decent to my #torontosunriseseriesbytaku  It's feeding time, even during a snow storm.