Nikon D800, 1/500 sec., f/6.3, ISO 200, 24mm

Coloured messages

If you’re following me on Periscope, you would have seen this earlier today where I visited the Ontario’s Celebration Zone at harbourfront. It’s one of the main zones during the Pan Am Games and still is, even though the Pan Am Games has finished. This great wall of tags is comprised of plastic tags with […]

Fireworks Photography 101

Fireworks photography 101

You may think that taking pictures of fireworks is as easy as pressing the shutter button—and sometimes it really is that easy—but if you’re really keen on taking some great shots, there are a couple things to note in terms of settings and equipment. Go early to claim your spot There’s nothing worse in going to […]


As a freelance photographer and print designer based in Toronto, this is my honest-to-goodness blog on photography and design, where I hope to provide you with some insight and thoughts on what I’ve come across throughout the course of my work in both industries.

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 It's a good morning for a hike. Get out there and enjoy the sun this weekend everyone!
 Rock Isle Lake in Assiniboine Provincial Park in beautiful British Columbia. Because I came here before the hiking season began, the wild flowers had not fully bloomed yet. I'm sure this place would look completely different now with all the flowers on the ground...and without the snow! I'm sure it would be nice to come here in the summertime.
 The captivating Fairmont Banff Springs is celebrating 125 years! Won't you celebrate with them?
 Are you going in the right direction? Happy Sunday everyone!
 Sunset at Lake Louise. The lake is so serene that you could barely tell which way is right-side up! Flip your phone to the right to see some great symmetry in action.
 The view from atop Whistlers Mountain via the Jasper Skytram is an incredible one. You have to see this in person to appreciate the full 360 degree landscape of Jasper National Park.