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The traditional Fijian root vegetable that went really well with side dishes.

The Fruit and Vegetable Market

The tour package we opted for was called the Vuda Lookout Tour. It took us to the Vuda lookout, Viseisei Village, The Garden of the Sleeping Giants, the fruit and vegetable market, and into Nadi to see the Hindu temple. The trip to the fruit market and Nadi temple is only included in the morning […]

The clouds were getting quite low, and the storm was approaching quickly

Hiking Mt. Batilamu

A full day hiking tour up Mt. Batilamu (1195m) in Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is another great way to see the beauty of Fiji. There are several companies that offer this, so take your pic! George I went with a tour organizer by the name of George, whom was highly recommended on tripadvisor.com. We were […]

Many colourful and different types of orchids in this garden

The Garden of the Sleeping Giants

The Garden of the Sleeping Giants sits on the foothills of the Naosori Highlands, and is home to Fiji’s largest orchid collection. Another hidden gem surrounded by the rich forestry that Fiji has to offer, it’s a great escape and calming walk that shouldn’t be missed. All photos courtesy of my iPhone 5s. The History […]

Thermal pool sign for the hottest hot spring, at close to 60°C

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

Rated 4.5/5 on Tripadvisor and also highly recommended on other review sites, there’s no reason not to take this tour if you’re ever in the Nadi region of Fiji. Situated halfway between Nadi and Lautoka on the western half of the main island of Fiji, surrounded by the lush landscapes of the Sabeto Valley, the […]

The view just outside our bure at First Landing Beach Resort and Villa.

First Landing Beach Resort and Villas

Situated on the eastern shores of the main island of Fiji just north of Nadi Bay, First Landing Beach Resort and Villas lays its ground on the very land that the natives set foot on. It is situated amongst tropical gardens and on Nalamu Beach, which boasts the only white sanded beach in the Nadi […]

Nikon D800, 14mm, f/8.0, 1/30 sec., ISO800

Concrete Jungle

Why is it that people are always fixated by cityscape overview shots? Are they bewildered by the amount of buildings the city has? Or perhaps it’s the lack of? Is it the wide expanse the view provides us, or the fact that you can see the horizon in the far distance mixed in with the […]

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 I'm caught in the dark in a blackout since last night. At least I can still Instagram.
 Natural bokeh courtesy of a long exposure of floating ice.
 Here's a #sunrise shot from over the weekend. You know what goes well with sunrises? Coffee! And for those that know I love coffee, you may know that my favourite in town comes from Pilot Coffee Roasters (@PilotCoffee). So that's why I'm excited to announce that for the month of March, I'll be taking over Crafted's Instagram account (@CraftedCoffee) by posting a photo a day over there. I'll be flexing my lifestyles photography muscles (whatever I have of it), which isn't typical of what I post on my own feed here, so I'd love any feedback on the photos I post over there! My photos will have my credit on it so you'll know which ones are mine. And if you haven't been there before, what are you waiting for? Give them a try! You never know, I may end up taking a picture of you! ☕️
 Black and white Sunday by the lakeshore.
 #PostMoreUmbrellaPortraits is part of my ongoing portrait series where I take portraits of locals with my rainbow umbrella. Meet Gina. (@ieota) I first took a picture of her in 2011 but didn't know it was her until an Instameet we both attended earlier this year—small world! She got into photography to document her travels, but eventually changed her focus (no pun intended) to capture her everyday life. She now sees herself paying more attention to the things around her, enjoying the smaller details of her surroundings, and thanks @instagram for helping her maintain her photography goal of posting a photo a day. Her feed is filled with great angles and perspectives of places you may not have known was in Toronto, so go check it out! And while you're at it, wish her a happy birthday because it just passed!
 Clearwater, Toronto.