The Vuda Lookout

The Vuda lookout stands atop Fiji giving you a breathtaking panorama of the island. It is a private lookout therefore only select tours are allowed up to this viewpoint.


Mind your head

It’s a great place to see the island, mountain ranges, and surrounding areas. From what I remember, you’re able to get a glimpse of the Nadi Bay and the Yasawa Group of Islands on a clear day.

Thew view from the Vuda lookout

Thew view from the Vuda lookout. Panorama from my iPhone 5s.

We were treated to a tropical drink and a large platter of fruit that we were able to enjoy under a canopy. This sign below is a popular spot for the tourists to pose and take pictures of.

At the Vuda Lookout

At the Vuda Lookout

Stay tuned for my next post on the Viseisei Village.

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