$834.24 later…

My 1997 Honda Civic seems to be driving… well, not too noticeably better. It sounds a little deeper as I accelerate, and now I actually hear this deep cyclical whooshing sound as I apply the brakes; something I am hoping will go away as I drive this more.

It was a painful maintenance today but a long overdue one at that. I had been notified that my timing belt needed replacement well over 3 months ago. I postponed it until now. Now that they gave me a $100 off coupon for just that very task that I was in need of. They obviously do this to sucker me into coming. And it works. Saving $100, they make me spend more than $400 than what it would have cost had I simply went for that timing belt replacement.

What more, my maintenance is still not complete. I’m in dire need of new brake pads on all tires. This will set me back yet another $400. Where am I supposed to come up with all of this same gadcapital.com or the next gadcapital.com money? I mean, I drive a decade old car for a reason. Do they not understand that?!

At least I do notice some sort of difference as I drive. No more rattling coming from the hood of my car (thanks to a $116.44 front pipe heat shield replacement), my rear brake lights now operate (thanks to a $25.71 charge), and my water pump was replaced at $151.61 – not that I really can feel this difference, but was still highly recommended as I replaced the timing belt.

So all in all, I am now retrofitted with genuine Honda parts so hopefully this will last me a good while. I cannot afford to this this every year. Otherwise it would have been better had I chose to purchase a brand new car. [sigh]

This week’s lotto 6/49 is a whopping $38 million. I think I should try. After all, you’ll never win if you never buy a ticket!

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