Looking forward to the future

I got an email from a dear friend of mine today. She said she will be coming to Toronto sometime near Christmas. Now this was great news as I wanted her to come closer to the Christmas season rather than earlier.

There’s always been something about Christmas that I liked so much. I loved walking the streets of downtown Toronto with all the stores decked in their Christmas extravaganza. People tend to be cheerier, work seems to not matter as much, and it’s just that overall feeling of happiness that you get to share with your loved ones, that makes me content all around.

Having a white Christmas is also something that I love and grew up with. If it’s not white or cold, then it just doesn’t seem like a normal Christmas to me. That’s why although it would be great to live in a warmer area, I know the Christmas spirit just wouldn’t be the same.

So now, I have something extra special to look forward to this Christmas season. Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!

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