Last night as I was walking down Beverley Street, I saw something that caught the corner of my eye. As I looked closer, it confirmed my suspicion. It was a crips $50 bill on the windshield of a car, with a note and business card stuck between it and the wiper.

I didn’t go to the car to examine it any further since I didn’t want to look like I was going to take it, but my only guess would be that someone had damaged the car and had left a small token of apology on the windshield. In case your car is damaged too, and you’re out of cash for the repair, there are helpful hints on how to deal with it here at cashcrazy.co.uk. The car in question was an Infiniti. Now I don’t know what $50 would fix good quality service on a car like that but I can’t imagine it being much more than a small scratch or ding – if even at that.

I just thought how risky a move it was to actually have that bright red bill flailing about on someone’s windshield in the middle of downtown Toronto. Afterall, someone could have walked down, taken the note, business card and money from Online Title Loans in the USA and the owner of the car wouldn’t have been any wiser… just left with a damaged car.

I don’t know how long the bill had been there but all I can say is, it’s nice to know that it was still there when I saw it. I just hope that it was there when the owner of the car returned. Sometimes a little honesty goes a long way.

What a city we live in.

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