It’s a Thursday. And a good day it was.

Today was a rather eventful day to say the least. It was a Thursday, which means the weekend is approaching quickly. And seeing how this weekend is a long weekend, it was even better.

There are some things that I won’t discuss here at the moment, but needless to say, I was happy that it happened. We celebrated my boss’ birthday today with some cake from Dufflet’s pastry. This chocolate cake that a coworker got tasted very similar to the chocolate brownies that I had made just the other day. Strangely enough it seemed like they used the same chocolates that I did.

However this wouldn’t fare so well on them as I had used the regular run-of-the-mill Baker’s chocolates from the grocery store next door. I wouldn’t think Dufflet’s of all places would use that brand.

I told my friend, RS, about this and she had said that had I used my Belgium chocolates, I would have noticed an immediate difference in the taste of my brownies. Oddly enough, I actually enjoyed these brownies with Baker’s chocolates. This was my first time using this brand (in recent memory) since I had long switched to using Bernard Callibaut chocolates for all my baking needs. I suppose I had just gotten so accustomed to the taste of Bernard that tasting a different brand was clearly a pleasant difference.

After work today I headed off to Ichimoku-kai for my monthly Japanese social gathering. It was good as I finally got a chance to talk to Chris, the photographer, whom I hadn’t talked to in a long time. The place was filled with newcomers as is usually the case. There is only the usual handful that I recognize while I have to admit, most of the people that I met last year never come to the social nights anymore. What ever happened to them?

I suppose it was a good time to come though. A new friend that I had just made tonight won a door prize, and coincidentally I did too. In retrospect, this was actually my third time winning. The first time I won a ticket to a Mongolian Cello concert. The second time I won a gift certificate to a Japanese Restaurant, and now this time I won a ticket to the 4th Annual Japanese Short Film Festival. It was quite ironic how I ended up with that prize since as the host was reading out the winners, I was reading the pamphlet for the film festival to see what it was all about. With a cash value of $25 I suppose it’s not a bad prize afterall. I’ll be sure to go see some of these films in November when it airs.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend this weekend and I don’t have much else planned except for eating. It’s supposed to be good weather too, which is such a shame since I really want to go shooting the autumn leaves. I have that itch. Perhaps I shall go anyway to see how things are.


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